Not embarking on a detox programme but want to stay healthy this January? Naomi Murtagh, Co-founder of Atone, an award-winning, beautifully packaged range of six Natural Enzyme Supplements, gives us her tips on how to have a healthy January.

1. Regular Detoxing beats fatigue

Detox/Anti-Fatigue contains a blend of enzymes we need to extract energy and nutrients from the foods we consume. Within each capsule there is a formula made from 10 vital ingredients, all of which give our body the very best chance of detoxing safely, more effectively and without feeling lethargic and bloated. I try to do this along with eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables once each season at least.

2. Eat healthy and in-season during winter

During the winter months I love to make a big pot of seasonal vegetable soup or a chicken tagine with preserved lemon & olive to share with friends. I love snacking on home roasted nuts and seeds and dried fruits, especially dates! I also take Digestion with probio all year round, which I find really beneficial for my system.

3. Care for your skin

On a trip to Fez, Morocco, a few years ago, a friend there told me about Argan oil which the French use on their skin and hair – it can also be used as a cooking oil. I have since used it on both my skin and hair and swear by it – it gives a healthy glow to the skin and is great used as a base before putting moisturiser on a few minutes afterwards. My skin is prone to dryness in the winter months so I use it more often then. (We love organic argan oil from www.nourishskinrange.com).

4. Boost your immune system with juice

I am a great fan of juicing fruit and veg – whatever is at hand – and I really believe this helps hugely with keeping illness at bay and boosting your immune system. I use a lot of cucumber, celery, radish, fennel, pears, apples, oranges and ginger – served over ice, it’s surprising how tasty and refreshing the most unlikely mix can be! Our Immunity supplement also combines a blend of components believed to encourage healthy circulation and normal blood pressure, to boost immune function, cleanse free radicals and help the body to both heal and produce energy through the metabolism of fat – exactly what the body needs in winter months.

5. Keep fit

I run all year round. I have completed a few marathons but find training for half-marathons more manageable to fit in. I love discovering new routes and we are lucky to live close to Victoria Park, Regents Canal and not far from the river Thames, all of which offer endless new routes to try out. During winter I also love to do Bikram Yoga – ideally a couple of times a week. I love how this makes me feel after a session, and with the added heat, it feels like it really does have substantial health benefits for the body both inside and out.