With Whole-foods right around the corner from our offices, we are lucky enough to be constantly discovering all the exiting new, healthy food products on the market, much to our wallets dismay! We have tried and tested lots of delicious snacks and have come up with some nutritious alternatives for you! Not only do they taste better, they are far more beneficial to our bodies than those sugar laden goods that glare at us from the supermarket shelves!


Can’t stop munching on potato chips? Try hummus crisps instead…
We all love that satisfying crunch, but nibbling away on too many potato chips won’t do anything for your health or waistline. High in fats and sugars, crisps are typically low in vitamins and minerals. We suggest reaching for a healthier alternative in the form of Hummus chips by Eat Real. These babies are baked instead of being fried, and are made with chickpea flour so they are an all round a healthier alternative. Chickpea flour is also high in protein to keep your blood sugar levels stable and those hunger levels at bay plus kids will love them too!

Where can I buy these? Whole Foods, Holland & Barrett


Guilty of reaching for the sweet treats when 4pm hits? Try Jax Coco coconut crisps!
These have become firm favourites in the H&H office! Expect a very satisfying crunch and the buttery, toasted goodness of coconut. Jax Coco Toasted Coconut Chips come in three flavours; Sea Salt, Wasabi or Chilli and Lime. They are made from the nutritious flesh of hand-cut, premium coconuts and are slowly toasted to perfection before being sprinkled with a little coconut sugar (A great refinded sugar alternative). They make the perfect snack on their own, tossed into salads or a brilliant breakfast topping on your porridge or yogurt!

Where can I find these? Ocado, Whole Foods or order online here!  


Craving a pudding after supper? Try an Inspiral raw cheesecake…
If you are anything like us, you’ll sometimes crave something sweet and creamy post supper. Yet, sugar is our number one enemy, especially just before bed time. The high sugar content will cause your blood sugar levels to spike and plummet, which will disrupt your sleep, keeping you awake at night. But fear not sweet toothed friends, we have discovered something seriously creamy and sweet which is far better for you. Inspiral’s raw vegan cheesecakes are sweetened with raw agave syrup and dates, but also contains nuts, which are high in protein and will balance out any slight sugar spikes from the natural sugars. From raw vanilla berry to raw chocolate haselnut to raw tiramisu cake, you’ll be sure to find a favourite that floats your boat! All products are organic, gluten free which is an added bonus. Check out their other sweet treats too – we also love their raw chocolate and almond fudge!

Where can I buy this? Planet Organic, Whole Foods


Find it hard to refuse a biscuit with your tea? Try Livia’s Kitchen Raw Millionaire Bites…
These little gems are a twist on the classic millionaire shortbread. Expect a crumbly base made with oats, topped with a gooey soft date caramel centre, all topped off with a layer of raw dark chocolate! These bites are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and come in three different flavours; salted date caramel, chocolate orange, and almond and raisin. Warning; you can only buy these in a tub so try not to eat them all at once!

Where can I buy this? Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Daylesford, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols


Can’t resist smothering your toast with nutella? Try Raw Ecstasy’s chocolate spread…
This one is a must try. Think thick dark oozing chocolatey yumminess, which is actually full of benefits for your body. Whether you spread it onto toast or drizzle on fruit or yoghurt, this spread is the perfect alternative to sugar laden spreads such as nutella or added sugar jam. It contains activated almonds, which are easily digestible for the body, heaps of raw cacao, coconut blossom sugar, raw coconut oil and himalayan salt. We all know how incredibly beneficial raw cacao is for the body, and if you don’t , be sure to check out our article on it here! …  Happy spreading!

Where can I buy this? Whole Foods, Planet Organic


Too rushed to prepare a wholesome brekkie? Swap sugar filled cereal for Primrose Kitchen Granola…
You know, sometimes there is simply not enough time to rustle up poached eggs with avo on sourdough in the morning! However, commercial cereals aren’t good for your health despite being quick and easy to gobble down, and won’t provide you with enough nourishment or goodness to sustain you until lunchtime. These are often packed with so much sugar, which will destabilise your blood sugar levels and result in tummy rumbles and mid morning slumps. We urge you to reach for Primrose’s Kitchen muesli instead, to give you a nutritionally rich brekkie, bursting with goodness. We love Primrose’s raw beetroot and ginger muesli; ingredients include; gluten free oats, fresh beetroot, zingy ginger, psyllium husks, hemp seeds, raw coconut oil, raw agave syrup, coconut pieces, linseeds, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds! Top this with almond milk and maybe some coconut yoghurt for a deliciously creamy and satisfying brekkie.

Where can I buy this? Waitrose, Whole Foods, Ocado, Planet Organic


Are you the kind of person to devour any chocolate in sight? Make sure its OM Bar chocolate…
Swap processed, dairy chocolate for OM bar chocolate if its the last thing you do! Dairy choccie is packed full of sugar, spiking your blood sugar levels and laying down fat on your tum, hips or thighs, as well as encouraging nasty tooth decay. Choosing OM Bar chocolate will hugely benefit your body as it is made with raw cacao, which is bursting with antioxidants, calcium and iron as well as cocoa butter, a healthy fat to keep your skin and hair strong and shiny. The list of flavours is endless. Choose from Raspberry & Coconut, Green Tea & Lemon (surpisingly yummy!), Blueberry & Acai and Strawberry Milk to name a few. They have even started doing chocolate buttons!

Where can I buy this? Whole Foods, Planet Organic

words by Flora Crichton