Ever been curious to try a healthy food delivery service? We don’t blame you. It’s a sure fired way to make sure you’re getting in the good stuff, even during those hectic moments of life. Below are 6 companies we believe are the best of the bunch, and all offer scummy meals delivered right to your doorstep!


The Detox Kitchen

Who is this good for? Want healthy, delicious food that looks instagram worthy? The Detox Kitchen is the best delivery service for making your followers envious of your healthy eating habits.

How does it work? Having the variety of 5 options they’ll deliver a day’s worth of food (including snacks and juice) right to your doorstep. You won’t ever have to worry about feeling tired or bloated, The Detox Kitchen makes sure to pack their meals with plant based foods and lean protein to make you feel refreshed and full of energy.

Where do they deliver? Want to know if they deliver to you? Click here and enter your post code to find out!

What does it does it cost? From £28.90 to £39.95 per day.



Munch Fit

Who is this good for? This meal plan is made for the religious gym goer. Whether you’re interested in gaining muscle, maintaining size or decreasing your fat percentage, Munch Fit provides the meals you need without the loss of flavor.

How does it work? Having the option between Build, Balance or Burn, Munch Fit delivers to you or you can effortlessly grab-and-go at some of London’s top gyms such as Equinox, Barry’s Bootcamp, BXR and 1Rebel! If you would like more details, find out more here!

Where do they deliver? As well as being located in some of London’s top gyms and serving corporate events they also stick to their roots of being a home delivery service of healthy gourmet meals.

How much does it cost? Including 3 meals it should cost £30.75 a day. Discounts might be available for long time customers.



Fresh Fitness Food          

Who is this good for? Do you know that you want to eat a more balanced diet but don’t know how? It’s okay to ask for help! Fresh Fitness Food is made for the individual that needs the extra push to makes their goals a reality.

How does it work? Having a nutritionist on hand sure does come in handy! At Fresh Fitness Food you’ll be able to design your ideal meal plan that suits you, your lifestyle, and personal tastes.

Where do they deliver? Delivered in a tamper proof and even recyclable containers, couriers will deliver your daily meals between the times of 00:00 and 06:00. Want your food to be delivered to work on a specific day? No problem, Fresh Fitness Food is able to work around your preferences.

How much does it cost? £20-£32 per day depending on your chosen program.



Spring Green London           

Who is this good for? Ever find yourself sleuthing in the kitchen trying to find the perfect snack to crub your craving? Yeah we do it too! Thankfully Spring Green London has got your back. Their meal plans are great for the habitual snacker.

How does this work? Offering three packages to choose from, Spring Green London gives you a full day’s worth of meals including snacks and juices! Bursting with flavor and color you have the option to choose from 3 different meal programs.

Where do they deliver? Prepared fresh by the best (their chefs are Michelin-starred!), their meal plan programs are delivered daily for London residents.

What does it cost? From £36-£42.20 per day for 3 to 5 day programs. Discounts are available for bundle purchases.




Who is this good for? Love the environment and want to make sure you’re doing well by it? Potage is a sustainable company that promises to source seasonal, local ingredients, use minimal packaging (you won’t find plastic here!) and have zero food waste policy – perfect for the sustainable consumer!

How does this work? Offering a selection of individual or shared meals, their menu changes weekly to keep your taste buds wanting more.

Where do they deliver? Located for central London residents, you can order through over the phone, online, or via their app. They deliver daily just make sure to give Potage a 1 hour delivery window when ordering your meals.

What does it cost? Instead of an overall daily cost they charge based on portion. This can range from £3.95 to £9.00 for individual portions and £20.00 to £120.00 for a sharing platter.



The Pure Package

Who is this good for? Have a particular pallet? One that’s used to the finer things in life? Pure Package is made to revolutionize your dieting with its gourmet food assortment.

How does it work? The first gourmet dietary delivery service in London, The Pure Package offer an array of options spanning from Japanese Body Boost to Mum & Baby. Any taste you have, Pure Package is willing to work around you to make your healthy food experience the best possible.

Where do they deliver? As a London based company Pure Package offers a delivery service for people living in the city. Don’t live there? That’s ok! – call 0845 6 123 888 or email [email protected] to see if they can delivery to your doorstep.

What does it cost? From £32.95-£49.95 per day, depending on completion of program.


words by Tara Lawson-Corley