Are you too time-starved to eat healthily? Come and learn the most crucial things you need to know about healthy diet

There are many reasons why healthy eating can be challenging. Busy schedules can leave limited time to prepare healthy meals, making it all too easy skip meals then reach for some convenience food. We know there is a real need amongst busy people to find short-cuts to getting the healthy diets that our bodies desperately need to function properly. One of the biggest hurdles to healthy eating is not being properly prepared so you can make the switch to a healthy option when hunger strikes.

Wellbeing Escapes has recruited the services of top nutritionist Candice Van Eeden for their dedicated Healthy Cooking & Nutrition Workshops in London. Candice graduated as a holistic nutritional practitioner from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in central London and is experienced in teaching people how to prepare food in a practical but healthy way.

Under the guidance of Candice, you’ll learn how to get organised so healthy eating is easy. The workshop is full of techniques like weekly shopping lists, meal planning strategies, and tips on how to nourish your body so you’ll learn how to use food to look and feel your best, even if you’re limited on time.

You will learn the following:

– Basics of nutrition for optimal wellbeing
– How to make better quality choices when food shopping
– About different foods for different health aspects
– About nutrient rich food
– How to safely detox the body
– Stress relief tips
– Portion controlling & menu planning
– The correct storage of foods & how long they keep for

You’ll be making:

– Breakfast smoothies with superfoods
– Lunch box recipes & how to balance your box
– Snacks to beat the ‘3pm Slump’ & curb the appetite
– Healthy recipes including: Raw food recipe, steam fry recipe & nut milk drink

 Dates: 22 March; 10 May 2014

This £65 group workshop will be held at the Central Street Cookery School, 90 Central Street, London EC1V 8AJ

To book: http://www.wellbeingescapeslifestyle.com/22-march-2014-healthy-cooking-nutrition-workshop/