Do get up an hour earlier to fit in a bit of exercise. As the evenings get darker it becomes so much harder to motivate yourself to be active after work and you may even find you become more tired earlier as the autumn truly sets in. By getting up an hour earlier you can head out on your run or make a quick trip to the gym and feel like you have already achieved before you’ve even had your breakfast, which in turn makes for a more productive day in most cases. According to a new study carried out at the University of Toronto, researchers concluded that early rises were generally healthier and happier compared to night owls.

Do sign up for a race or sporting event. Not only is the day itself fun and give you a great sense of achievement but having a goal in sight is a great motivator to train and keep your fitness levels up. If you are trying to lose weight than this has also shown as one of the most effective ways. If it’s running you are into check out www.womensrunninguk.co.uk  for a calendar of events. Or for triathlons and other events that take place amongst nature visit www.outdoorfitnessmag.com.

Don’t give into peer pressure. So often we set ourselves goals of not drinking, not smoking, not you fill in the blank and then we blow it all by feeling a sense of pressure from our friends or colleagues who try and lead us into temptation. When this happens try and remember two things; one – more often than not if you are trying to be virtuous and you have someone trying to sabotage its because they don’t want to feel like they’re the bad one – just try and be strong and then move the conversation on and you’ll soon see they they forget all about what your doing. Two – remember that one day it is more than likely that they too will be trying to reach a goal of their own so try not to give in just because they want someone to have a fag with (for example). Always keep the bigger goal in mind.

Do make a visionary board. So many successful people have done it. A visionary board is a board on which you stick words, photographs, magazine tear outs – anything that you want in your life or that you would like to achieve. One entrepreneur who made a visionary board looked at it everyday and told himself that it was not only achievable but that he had it already. He later boxed up the board when he moved house. It was until five years later when he moved house again that he opened the box to find the board and on it he noticed a tear out from a property magazine – it was a picture of the house he had just bought.

Do eat organic. There has recently been a lot of negative press about organic food due to a recent study that was carried out in the US that concluded that organic food does not contain more nutrients than non-organic food. But what the study doesn’t take into account is the build up of toxins we consume over time when we eat foods that are sprayed with pesticides, the increased hormones we ingest when we drink milk from cows or eat meat from chicken that have been pumped with hormones to make them develop earlier and in the cow’s case, produce more milk. And as well as this – the study also says nothing of the soil, which becomes contaminated from all the non-organic farming which leaks into our water. Don’t panic, just eat organic.