Nahid is founder and owner of Good Vibes, the raved about yoga studio based in Covent Garden. Nahid describes the studio as a flow studio that incorporates many forms of yoga styles and movements as well as taking from other related disciplines (such as pilates, feldenkrais, martial arts).  Taught at a steady pace, so that you have the time to pause, breath and adjust, the yoga takes place in a room that is heated with infra red panels, (the first of its kind in Europe), and this warms your bones and allows the body to open and relax instantly. The infra red also soothes and reduces inflammation. Sounds like heaven? It is.

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
A gentle cat stretch and 3 minutes of meditation

What motto/advice do you try and live by?
I have two: Live life fearlessly and kindness is contagious

How do you relax?
Yoga, meditation, disappearing for a walk through the city with the phone switched off. I love to meander, you get to have so many adventures that way.

What three things can you not live without?
My man, yoga and the internet – how did we ever live without it? I can’t imagine a life where you can’t have everything at your fingertips from facts to finding new music to downloading a film to keeping in touch with everyone.

How did you get into yoga?
I left a very well paid and stressful job, without a pay off and instead of freaking out the next day, I booked myself into a yoga retreat leaving the very next day. I was very lucky to have chosen a dreamy venue called Huzur Vadisi in Turkey and a master teacher called with Simon Low. It totally changed my perspective on life, it showed me there was another way to be. I visit one of his yoga holidays a year and trained with him to become a yoga teacher.

Do you do yoga everyday?
Yes – in some form or another, I meditate everyday, I do a spot of restorative yoga at night and a dynamic yoga in the morning or evening most days

Have you noticed changes in your body since doing yoga?
I have! I am very strong and have good core engagement, my posture is so much better that it used to be and my practice has really moved on since I have been teaching in the Glow studio. But the most beneficial thing is that I am totally at peace in my head. I don’t overly worry, I don’t berate myself, I don’t get vexed over things like I used to and I am really happy in my skin. I am just more accepting of the dramas of life. Yoga works on many levels but the mental calm is the most profound change for me.

What made you decide to open Good Vibes?
I wanted to create studio spaces that are client focussed, where everyone who walked in through the door felt welcome, and the teachers are knowledegable and inclusive. I wanted to ensure that the teaching here nourishes you. And that means teachers with a healthy respect of anatomy. Any teacher can train you hard, it takes a skillful one to train you well. I find most exercise options on the market didn’t really speak to me. I don’t want to waste my time in soulless gyms nor do I enjoy being part of a fitness factory. I find most yoga studios too earnest. I wanted to practice in spaces that were more joyous.

If someone took up Glow Yoga for the first time how long would it take them to feel a change?
You’d feel the change as you soon as you walked in the door and you will leave feeling on top of the world. Most people usually fall in love with us on their first visit.