Fourth in the world in the open-water marathon and an olympic medalist, Keri-Anne Payne turns heads both in and out of the water. Here, she talks to Hip and Healthy about her forthcoming wedding, training schedule and what she eats to stay so fit, beautiful and healthy…

I am use to being busy so planning the wedding [to another olympic swimmer, David Carry] will not be all that hard.

When I am in training mode I get up at 6.30am and spend two hours in the pool. After that it’s straight to the gym for some cardiovascular work, or to mix it up a bit I go for a run or do some yoga instead. I then get home and have some breakfast, which is usually two slices of toast with raspberry jam. After lunch I spend another two hours of training in the pool, which consists of swimming 7,000m on an average week.

To relax, I love my TV shows. I am particularly hooked on New Girl and Bones. Home and Away is also a guilty pleasure of mine!

My worst swim ever was in Melbourne where I was stung by jellyfish continuously for two hours. It really hurt but I kept on going.

My diet is very balanced – meat and carbohydrates always feature in my meals. And because I burn so many calories a day through all my training I don’t need to worry about that extra piece of cake.

When it comes to snacking I can’t live without jaffa cakes. They keep us going through the long training sessions.

Alcohol, on the other hand, has been off limits for four years. I believe in the phrase “my body is my temple” and know that what I put in has an impact on what I get out.

When im working out I like to listen to trance music – but not the hardcore kind. I absolutely love Above and Beyond’s music – they have a podcast each week that I always download. I also love Speedo Aqua Beats, but I can never listen to it when training as my coach is always shouting instructions at me!

My top beauty tip for other swimmers and those wanting to get into swimming, is to always shower after each visit to the pool – even if you don’t feel like it. And invest in a good moisturiser.

Keri-Anne  is sponsored by Speedo. Check out their website for Speedo swimming events that are taking place all over the country. Get involved. www.speedo.co.uk