What do eat for breakfast?
I always start with a mug of hot water and lemon to help alkalise my system. We then sit down to a family breakfast, which I think is vital for families – porridge with dried fruit, nuts and organic local honey, or scrambled egg on rye bread. Our chickens at our house in Wales produce the most delicious dark yoked eggs. Every morning I also make two blended juices for the day at the office using a blender to retain fibre, usually including beetroot, avocado and spinach. Our breakfast juice consists of whatever organic fruit we have, but usually blueberries, bananas, pear, blackberries, kiwi (if in season). Weekends are a little different and I’m luckily enough to have a wonderful husband who loves cooking a proper healthy cooked breakfast at weekends. We all take MSM and our new skin hydrating supplement.

How do you keep fit?
I’ve always enjoyed triathlons, but with time short and a not so secret dislike for gyms, I run to work and do Glow Yoga in Covent Garden. I also climb regularly at the Westway or the Castle, two great climbing walls in London.

What motto/advice do you try and live by?
OSKIA’s motto is to help our client’s skin, no matter what, and this is something that is imbedded in our company ethos. Personally, it is always to be optimist and look to the positive of any negative.

How is your diet?
I have always had a very healthy varied diet and I adore good food. However, having a child has made me even more aware of ensuring that we all get the correct nutrients daily. Correct nutrition is the backbone of OSKIA.

What is your skincare routine?
I cleanse as soon as I get up, then twice a week apply our Renaissance Mask while I prepare breakfast, as it gives skin such a lift. I follow with Get Up & Glow and then our day cream. In the evening, I cleanse, Micro-skin-needle twice a week, and use my favourite anti-ageing oil of the week. I am forever testing products and I do this in the evening, never in the morning. I am currently testing our new night oil.

What song do you listen to when you work out?
Nina Simone – not very original or energetic, but I love it.

What do you love to snack on?
Nuts, dried apricots and dark chocolate, all full of nutrients and anti-oxidants.

How do you relax?
Reading in complete and utter silence. It is so rare that I get the time to really get into a book, so this is such a treat.

What three things can you not live without?
My son’s laughter (he’s just learnt to laugh hysterically), smell (I adore most smells – they can transport you to different times and places in an instant) and dry shampoo.

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