Post-wedding, and after leaving her full time job to pursue her own business, Sadie MacLeod, reflects on how a reiki treatment helped her through one of the biggest change periods in her life

I booked myself to see Katie Light at a time I felt my body and mind needed it most. It was one week before my wedding, I had just left my job as a full time journalist to pursue my own ambitions and I had just finished working on a huge event that expended a lot of time and energy. I felt depleted. My right eye twitched with exhaustion (not a sexy look). Stress had begun to feel like it was part of who I was. And all this change was making me nervous.

Katie’s treatment seemed just the solution. She works on both body and mind and has a brilliant track record having worked most of her life with Aromatherapy Associates before going freelance and incorporating reiki into her treatments. It was the reiki that fascinated me most. How could a treatment be relaxing if the therapist doesn’t touch you? After one bad experience when I caught a therapist checking out her hair in my bedroom mirror when she was suppose to be balancing my chi (or whatever needed to be balanced) I was willing to give reiki a second chance.

After spending just ten seconds with Katie I could see how passionate she was about what she was doing and above all, helping people. She began by  massaging my back and instantly commenting on how tense I was. After almost sending me into a trance – I had to fight hard to not fall into a deep sleep I was so relaxed – she began performing reiki. At first I did not feel that much but then slowly I could feel heat where Katie’s hands hovered above me and even more surprising was the deep relaxation I began to feel. More like being in a meditative state then asleep this time but I could literally feel my body unwinding, balancing and re-adjusting.

Once the treatment was over I felt, for the first time in a long time, completely relaxed. My face showed it. My blood had clearly started moving properly again and had given my skin back its glow. The stress I had felt had morphed into something else, something more at the surface. I felt a bit teary. But not in a sad way, more relived. More able to accept the changes in my life and in myself.

Fascinated by reiki now and convinced of its healing properties I asked Katie to give us a bit of a reiki debrief:

Why did you decide to learn Reiki? 

Over the years of practising massage I felt (practically and intuitively) that it just wasn’t enough to treat the physical, so I started to look into options of other alternative therapies to help my clients feel more balanced. Reiki came into my life and presented itself through people I met, just as I was searching for more, professionally and personally. Seven years later I have developed my Reiki practice as a Master and now feel I can go deeper and treat the whole body, mind and emotions on every level.

Do you need to have a gift to begin with or can anyone learn it?

Anyone can learn Reiki, you just need to be open to giving and receiving, allowing Reiki to flow. With my Reiki practice I give my full attention to being present, creating a space for both of us, along with the right intention for each individual, creating a mutual understanding and acceptance allowing Reiki to flow, delivering a unique experience.

What do you find is the most fascinating thing about Reiki?

I love seeing the changes in the client’s face and body before and after they receive Reiki. You can physically see the difference, noticing the shifts in the body where the blockages are. Everyone is different and can experience different sensations/releases during Reiki, sometimes in one session or a block of treatments, depending on the underlying issue. Watching the changes take place is a gift to observe, You don’t just feel more balance and at peace you look younger and fresher!

Who do you feel would really benefit from Reiki?

I strongly believe everyone can benefit from Reiki as it’s profound how it can help balance your body and mind through unblocking the Chakra’s.

Recently I have seen the biggest changes with clients who are mentally stressed, suffering with anxiety, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, stuck on the treadmill of life or suffering from illnesses that are effecting the energy levels.

After a Reiki session what should a person do?

Relax. Try not to have any hectic, busy plans following Reiki as sometimes your chakra’s are still re-balancing after your session has taken place. Find a quiet space to chill out, lie down or just sit for a while to relax a little and ground yourself, while re-hydrating with some water or herbal tea. You will probably find you sleep like a baby that night, so don’t make any party plans, enjoy the feeling.

Visit www.thelighttechnique.com for more information.

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