Whether you’re male, female, a gym junkie or yoga bunny, we bring you our guide to London’s top training sessions with a difference

Best for Women: Skinny Bitch Collective
New on the fitness circuit is the Skinny Bitch Collective, the brainchild of Russ Bateman. This women’s only training club continues to go from strength to strength (excuse the pun!). What started as a cool, underground fitness trend tailored to sculpting the physiques of numerous London-based supermodels (hence the name), is fast becoming the go-to training regimen for women from all walks of lives whatever their body shape who want to train short and hard, seeing long-term results. Bateman’s innovative and inventive approach to working out is inspiring, motivating and utterly addicted. His SB Collective really does adhere to the philosophy ‘no pain, no gain.’ Think squats, burpees, lunges and deadlifts galore. Bateman takes no prisoners and will not tolerate negative, defeatist attitudes. His approach will not only hone and tone your bod, enabling you to realise your genetic potential but will also train and strengthen your mind too.

The SB Collective takes place every Saturday at 5pm at 55 Baker Street and costs £30. Costing slightly more than your average class, the SB collective is so much more than your ‘average class’ and well worth the extra dosh. Due to the huge popular demand, there is a 2 week waiting list so register your interest now, giving you ample time to build up the mental and physical willpower and stamina to train hard. Be warned though, the SB Collective is not the faint-hearted.
Skinny Bitch Collective http://www.thesbcollective.com/

Best for Men: Live Fit
Athletic is the new big so for all you men out there who want top personal training in London with a non-nonsense approach, get down to Live Fit founded by leading personal trainer James Hardy. Love Life, Live fit is a mantra that James lives by, a lifestyle choice he is passionate about and he strongly believes in sharing the love.  Aware that the recognised ideal male body is changing, James takes a holistic approach to his training sessions, acknowledging that weight training alone will not create the body you need.

His multiple success stories have led to some of London’s top modelling agencies using James’ systems to get their boys photo-ready.  His program produces gym athletes; sculpted, versatile bodies that can bench press, clear walls and go round defenders. His balanced training sessions cover crossfit, pure strength, yoga, boxing, martial arts, tacfit and functional HIIT.  Expect high intensity, varied training that fine tunes your mechanics and constantly challenges your body so it doesn’t get complacent and you stay mentally on it and committed. His compelling, results-driven, can-do attitude has also lead to James accepting the challenge set by Men’s Health to sculpt and tone the body of Andy from Made in Chelsea, making him front cover worthy in just 6 weeks…watch this space!
Personal Training London, Live Fit http://www.livefit.co.uk/

Best for Zen
If you want some calm and serenity in your life, away from the constant buzz of our everyday modern world then Grace Belgravia, a new and exclusive private members club for Ladies in Belgravia is the perfect place to find some zen. This magnificent club is in no way another sterile London gym. It is a luxurious, boutique health and wellness centre dedicated to the physical and mental wellbeing of its members. With an integrated and advanced approach to fitness, beauty and diagnostic, functional and preventative medicine all under one roof, Grace believes in beauty from the inside out. Everything about Grace oozes calm and serenity.  This stunning haven is flooded with natural light and the spa boasts a number of highly scientific treatments and rejuvenating therapies from colonics to massages, to the latest algae body wrap or anti-ageing facial . Grace have even enlisted the expertise of Matt Roberts, fitness guru to the stars, to ensure you get reach your fitness goals.

Grace has recognised that being burn-out from our hectic modern lifestyles is becoming increasingly more common.  That’s why they have recently introduced a junior membership to exclusively cater for 21-30 year olds which encompasses everything from a health mot with Matt Roberts’ team of experts to a skin assessment with Grace’s in-house facialist, as well as a number of express beauty treatments and a Net-a-Porter VIP member status.  The membership even includes 5 day guest passes meaning you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some much needed R and R with your friends. Available for £220 a month plus a one-off £500 joining fee, this membership is perfect for the modern young professional.

Grace Belgravia even hosts a number of events from talks to live music concerts as well as different seminars and courses.  The next event is 13th November featuring Terry O’Neill choosing his Desert Island Discs, hosted by Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, a DJ and journalist.  So whether you are looking to up the ante on your health goals or find a relaxing place to switch off and catch up on some long overdue me-time or meet like-minded women, Grace Belgravia will fulfil all your wellbeing dreams and more.
Grace Belgravia http://www.gracebelgravia.com/

Best for Power
Get down to the Library, a new private members training club in the exclusive Notting Hill area for unlimited personal training, tailored nutrition and outstanding results.  This stunning training club is based on so much more than laborious hours spent pounding the treadmill and clocking up multiples reps.  Instead this edgy new workout space is based on an educated, intelligent approach to exercise.  The Library’s results-focused system consisting of short 15 minute bursts of high intensity exercise shows an average fat loss of 7.5lbs and 3lbs muscle gain in 12 days!!

The Library is founded by Zana Morris who has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of personal training, nutrition and yoga.  Morris has created a space where you can workout and relax. What’s so great about the library is that Zana realises that due to our busy lives, many of us struggle to find time to work out, especially for long periods at a time. Her extensive experience has proven that short intensive training is in fact a lot more beneficial than excessive long periods of exercise.  So much so that it accelerates fat burn, raises metabolism and improves muscle tissue.  Zana’s infectious approach will turn you from fitness phobe to fitness funster in no time – 12 days in fact! The Library http://www.thelibrarygym.com/

Best for Fun
If you are not one for waiting lists or memberships and prefer variety when it comes to your workouts, train the Frame way. Created by Pip Black and Joan Murphy, two women who bonded over their passion for fitness, Frame is based around the ethos that working out should fun! Here here! As soon as you enter the studio you feel as though you are part of the cool club which is probably why Frame have amassed a loyal and ever-increasing fan base.  Whilst Frame does offer membership options, they also offer a drop-in class option, catering for those who are more sporadic when it comes to their exercise regimen.

These classes are so far from your run of the mill aerobics class. They are motivating, energising and addictive! Yes addictive! Frame offers an assortment of classes from Yoga and Pilates through to Box Fit as well as more off the wall choices like Bend it Like Barbie and the Frame Signatures – carefully crafted fitness sessions which adhere to Frame’s fun factor mantra. There are also the Frame Quickies, a number of high intensity sessions designed to give you a fitness fix in just 30 minutes – a great escape during your lunch break, enabling you to return to your desk refreshed and revived, with ample time to eat your power salad! Situated in the trendy London areas, Shoreditch and Queen’s Park, get down to Frame to reignite (or maybe just ignite) your passion for your exercise.
Frame http://www.moveyourframe.com/

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