Happy hour just got even better thanks to Caleño, our go-to non-alcoholic spirit for the perfect sun-downer minus the hangover! Inspired by the sun-drenched spirit of Colombia, founder, Ellie is on a mission to bring joy to not ‘drinking’ by capturing the intense flavours, rhythms and colours of her vibrant motherland. Below the H&H team share their “joyful moments” with Caleño this summer.


Content Editor

“I really love cooking and I often feel like my day revolves around food and what meals we’re going to eat! What can I say, I’m a massive foodie! Summer is my favourite time of the year for recipe creating and I find great pleasure in setting a beautiful tablescape with candles, flowers and my favourite table linen (I’m a bit of a collector!). At the moment, my husband and I have been loving eating alfresco and I’ve recently scored some serious wife points by having a non-alcoholic cocktail, courtesy of Caleño, ready on the table for when he gets home from work. Neither of us drink alcohol so I feel pretty confident in saying we know what a good cocktail tastes like and Caleño is the one for us! Summer calls for Light & Zesty but I’m quite looking forward to whipping out the Dark & Spicy when Autumn rolls around. We’ll be swapping balmy summer evenings with cosy nights by the wood burner.”


Director & Founder

“During the day I don’t get much ‘me time’, actually scrap that, during the week I don’t get much me time but as a mum of two and busy founder of Hip & Healthy I know the importance of self care, which is why I make sure that every now and again I properly unwind doing something that truly relaxes me. What I mean is that I believe that just like there is no one size fits all in wellbeing there also isn’t in self-care, what might work for someone else may not work for me. And having been lucky enough to try many different self care sessions (meditation, acupuncture, time with friends, time without friends) I think I have finally worked out a handful of me-time moments that work for me. One of them is a “mega bath” as it’s known in our household – that means pulling out all the stops for a bath of a lifetime – and I want it completely on my own. I get candles, CBD bath bombs, hair masks, face masks, music and I have recently made an amazing new addition, which has taken my bath moments to new levels. I add in a cocktail from the alcohol-free brand, Caleño. Super simple, with a bit of tonic water and a squeeze of lime, their Dark & Zesty really is the cherry on my cake at bathtimes. Next time, I’m thinking about adding in snacks too.”


Content & Creative Designer

“There’s nothing I love more than unwinding after a busy day of teaching classes and working! Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but when I spend most of my day either hyped up motivating clients to push themselves during a workout or typing away behind a desk, it can be difficult to find the ‘off button’. Caleño has been a game-changing discovery for me, especially when I want to stay clear of alcohol. If I have an early 6.30 am class to teach, I definitely don’t want to be waking up with a sore head, so pouring myself a non-alcoholic Caleño cocktail provides all the bliss and none of the side effects. Switching off has never been easy for me but introducing this evening ritual has been so beneficial, not to mention it tastes delicious. My perfect blend includes the Light & Zesty, fresh pineapple juice, a splash of soda water, a squeeze of lime and a few mint leaves! Picture me… PJ’s on, make-up off, tipple in one hand, book in the other…perfection!”

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