The swept-back ballerina bun is making way for the towering top knot. Meet the low maintenance up-do made for your workout

The conspicuous lack of low-slung chignons on the Autumn Winter catwalks was a bit of a departure for the fash pack, but Marchesa, Jean-Paul Gautier and Missoni jumped on these ultra-flattering top knots. Forget sleek, structural styling, this piled-high, undone ‘do gives your look instant height and takes seconds to perfect. But there’s a fine line between scruffy silhouettes and sports luxe styling; Hip & Healthy turned to hair super stylist Trevor Sorbie to learn how to carry off these on-trend top knots with aplomb.


To mimic the Marchesa look you need some length; “shoulder-skimming strands, at least,” according to Sorbie. “The hair is literally twisted and knotted together, in the same way you would tie your shoe laces, but the ends are left out to give it a nonchalant, undone finish.” Give your hair some grip (and that French girl, slept-in texture) by applying a dry shampoo (such as Redken Style Connection Powder Refresh, £13.95); scrunch it up at the roots and pinch your strands apart for a body boost. Brush your hair back with your fingers and, to see off any sagging, Sorbie suggests gathering hair up into a ponytail first using a hair bungee (Bungee Hooks, £3.50 for 12), before twisting, looping and fixing it in place with grips (Trevor Sorbie Brunette Non-Slip Grips, £3.25).


To pull off Missoni’s super-slouchy top knot, Sorbie recommends beefing up your ‘do with a hair donut (Pretty Pieces Hair Donut, £2.49), before securing it in place with grips, instead of a band, to allow gravity to take its toll. “A great prep product for this is a salt spray (Hip & Healthy loves Trevor Sorbie’s Salt Texture Spray, £5.70); don’t be afraid to use it on both wet and dry hair to get that disheveled texture.” Frame your face by rubbing your fingers in circular motions along your hairline to tease out some stray tendrils. This cascading top knot might not survive a vigorous cardio session, but it will see you through your sun salutations in style.

Jean Paul Gautier

If your workout demands something a little more study, why not channel Jean Paul Gautier’s tightly packed top knot. Brush your hair up into a ponytail and pitch it so it sits just above the crown of your head. “A top tip to avoid any sagging around the neck is to tilt your head back a little as you secure the ponytail. Twist the hair until it starts to coil back on itself, and then secure the ends in place with grips (if you angle two grips so they intersect at 45 degrees, they will interlock giving your knot some serious traction). I suggest using a pea-sized amount of serum (try Trevor Sorbie Smoothing Serum, £5.70) on the roots for a slicked back finish, and a lot of hairspray (such as Mark Hill Party The Night Away Firm Hold Hairspray, £6.29) on the ponytail to see off wispy flyaways.”

words by Charlotte Jolly

image: Pinterest