Gut health is definitely a hot topic right now. Many studies have demonstrated the vital the role the gut plays when it comes to our immune system and just how important it is when it comes to fighting off disease. The gut is where 70% of our immune system lies, it’s where we make nutrients, metabolise hormones, neutralise pathogens and make detoxifying enzymes – so it’s super important to get your digestive health in check in order to feel well.

Gut health guru Carla Oates, founder of bio-fermented supplement brand, The Beauty Chef, says “I always make sure that I include of lots of prebiotic and probiotic-rich lacto-fermented wholefoods – like sauerkraut, kimchi and The Beauty Chef products – in my diet as I know they have such a profound and positive effect on gut health.”

Clearly, we can make significant improvements to our gut by making sure our diet is rich in whole foods, with an emphasis on the fermented variety. Foods to add to your shopping list are things like sauerkraut, kimchi, Jerusalem artichoke, chickpeas, leafy greens and even bone broth for its high collagen contents. Below are 6 gut-friendly recipes that are an ideal starting block to giving your gut a helping hand.

Jeruselum artichoke sweet potato and lentils

Jerusalem Artichoke. Sweet Potato & Lentils | Mindful Chef

Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl With Cabbage Sauerkraut | Awesome Green

Kimchi Brussels sprouts

Kimchi Brussels Sprouts Salad | Destination Delish

Chickpea and coconut stew

Chickpea & Coconut Stew | Madeleine Shaw

Sauerkraut Sandwich

Roasted Beet & Sauerkraut Sandwich | Vanilla & Bean

Bone Broth

Beef Bone Broth | Epicurious