In need of some inspiration for your New Year’s resolution? Below we’ve shared 5 great ideas that will, hopefully, positively impact your life in 2020. It’s a new decade… make it count!

Become a reducetarian 
We think (and hope) a lot more people will have environmentally-friendly resolutions this year and a great one to consider is becoming a reducetarian. In a nutshell, a reducetarian is someone who doesn’t label or tie themselves to a particular way of eating, but rather just incorporates as many plant-based foods as possible while significantly reducing their intake of animal products and byproducts. They aren’t strictly off the menu because this is meant to be a flexible approach to eating but it encourages people to consider the environment a lot more when choosing what they eat.


Give more to others 
Something that we could all probably do a bit more of is doing kind deeds for others. Whether than be friends and family or even strangers you meet as you go about your daily life. Many people have taken part, or are currently taking part, in the “30 days of good deeds” challenge as a reminder to show others (and the environment) love and kindness. It could be something as simple as picking up rubbish when you see it on the street or making a purchase that donates money to charity. Or it could be providing food to a homeless shelter or even buying someone their coffee who’s waiting in line behind. The more good karma we spread, the better this world will become and you’ll be surprised at how it boosts your mood!


Be more grateful 
Although this sort of feels like it’s been said quite a lot, we still think not enough people appreciate the power of practising gratitude can have on your outlook on life. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for yet in this busy, fast-paced, instant gratification world we live in, we can tend to forget all the good we do have and, instead, focus on what we don’t have. Whether that’s starting a journal or simply using your iPhone notes to jot down grateful thoughts each day, this mindset will drastically improve your happiness and have a positive impact on your life.


Place more importance on rest and relaxation 
Make 2020 the year you really tackle the stress in your life. It’s an epidemic and it’s having detrimental effects on people’s wellbeing. Why not make it your mission to prioritise the moments you get to yourself and use that time to its full potential. And we don’t mean slouching on the sofa scrolling through Instagram. Unplug from your phone, laptop, TV etc and use that time to perhaps take up meditation. Read a new book every month. Hey, maybe it’s simply going to bed earlier or not having your phone in your room. Whatever you think will help towards resting a relaxation, do more of!


Adopt a “Just do it” approach 
Us humans are incredibly intelligent, capable beings yet we so often hold ourselves back out of fear of failure. There’s that quote “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Ah, that old chestnut. But seriously, what would you do if you knew failure wasn’t even an option? Take that attitude and adopt it to whatever it is you want to do with your life or whatever skill you wish you had but believe you’ll never be good at. Just do it. Stop procrastinating. By simply starting, you’re already one step ahead of everyone else who’s still um-ing and ah-ring and waiting for “the right time”. Your dreams aren’t going to come to you. You have to take action if you want to change in your life. Believe in yourself!

words by Molly Jennings

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