Hello Hip & Healthies! We’ve got a challenge for you this week that will make you feel healthier, more energised and give you that glowing complexion you’ve always dreamt of! Sound good to you? Then keep reading because we’re bringing you a week’s worth of tips, tricks and advice to show you why you should be drinking more water, the positive effects it can have on your body AND how you can get more from your water as we commence the count down to summer!


For this week’s drink more water challenge, we’ve team up with Get More Vitamins Drinks to help inspire you to drink more water and keep up this hugely beneficial habit not just for summer, but for your lifetime.

The benefits of drinking vitamin water
Get More Vitamins Drinks strive to help you get more of what your body needs so you stay strong, healthy and full of vitality without the use of artificial flavours and without added sugar. If you’re deficient in certain vitamins, your body can’t function at it’s optimum level, which is why Get More Vitamins Drinks is the perfect helping hand when life gets busy!


Immune Boosting
If you live in the UK, in particular, London, you’ll be able to relate to the constant battle we face on keeping our immune systems fighting fit! Let’s be honest, it’s one hell of a struggle, with bacteria-laden commutes to work (a sneeze in the face seems like a daily occurrence for most of the year) and cold weather that never ends apart from a few weeks in July! So a vitamins-infused drink like Get More Vitamins Drinks will allow you to keep topped up on your daily vitamin intake to help support a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We particularly love their Vitamin D water for boosting immunity! With less exposure to sunlight than other countries around the world, we can be susceptible to a vitamin D deficiency, which might explain why colds are such a common occurrence! A large study involving over 19,000 adults and adolescents found that those with the lowest levels of vitamin D were over a third more likely to develop a common cold.


Popping pills isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and they certainly aren’t travel/on the go friendly compared to Get More Vitamins Drinks. Get More Vitamins Drinks provide an easy and convenient way to get an extra dose of the vitamins you need minus the hassle of trying to gulp down ginormous pills that can often be difficult to digest due unnecessary bulking ingredients.


Why choose the boring, taste-less option of vitamins in tablet form when you can drink a vitamin-infused water like Get More Vitamins Drinks that quenches your thirst while giving you a delicious flavour. With flavours like Lemon & Lime and Blackberry & Blueberry, we’re pretty sure you’ll be immediate converts! It’s also a tasty and refreshing way to stay hydrated during the summer months after a sweaty outdoor workout!

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Stay tuned this week and follow our Drink More Water challenge with Get More Vitamins Drinks!