The hot new brand on everyone lips from fashionista’s to fitness lovers, LNDR is paving it’s way in the athleisure world at an astounding pace. We’re obsessed and you guys seem to be obsessed too! Started by three fashion industry guru’s Sarah, Donna and Joanna, we sat down to discuss their super successful brand and what the future holds!


We were so excited to launch LNDR on Hip & Healthy earlier this year… Can you tell us how you guys met and why you decided to start an activewear line?

All three of us have worked in the fashion industry for several years and as a result our paths crossed many times. We live very similar lifestyles – working hard, working out whenever we can, socialising and travelling – and together wanted to create a premium high-performance activewear and every-wear brand that would promote the healthy, fun and active lifestyle that we like to live. We want to do things differently – to question the status quo and do things our way.


LNDR has a very specific style with it’s neutral colours and gorgeous flattering shapes. Where did you draw inspiration from?

The abbreviation of LNDR is a wink to the brand’s DNA: although team members are from different corners of the globe, each is now a proud ‘Londoner’. Living in a big city – or living a modern active lifestyle anywhere – means comfort is as valuable a commodity as time. Our inspiration comes from everywhere, including from our travels and from living in this bustling city. The current collection is inspired by retro National Geographic photographs of trekkers in the Andes Mountains. We interpreted these images into the graphic peaks and geometric geodes splashed across the collection in a sporty palette of lapis lazuli blue, deep Chile red and midnight navy.


Can you tell us a bit more about the fabrics used in your collections?

Technical fabrications and innovative functional design is at the heart of every single piece of clothing we make. We want the clothes to look good but it is also hugely important to us that they do exactly what they should do in the activewear space. We want our customers to enjoy working out and have the clothes that allow them to do that.

Our seamless pieces are all antibacterial, breathable and moisture wicking, and some are also cool comfort and quick dry. We also use circular compression knits, which in tandem with a seamless construction allow optimum breathability whilst sculpting and supporting the body. In other pieces we use heat-balancing yarns used in Formula 1 overalls.



What, would you say, is LNDR’s best selling piece?

Our sports bras are always a sell out. They don’t typically look like traditional sports bras, so can easily be worn as a top on their own or under clothing. Most are circular knit to reduce the numbers of seams so there is less risk of irritation when working out so they’re like a second skin.


As we come in to Autumn, how should people style out there LNDR activewear? What are the key pieces for the AW16 collection?

One of our favourite pieces is the easy layering piece, the Base Jacket. Considering the unpredictable British weather, this style is a perfect year-round piece: it can be layered over a sports bra when the chill rolls in, and then takes up minimal space in your tote when the sun – eventually! – comes out. It is also moisture-wicking and breathable so the perfect extra layer for a work out.

The Rocky set is another great AW16 option, the technical fabric makes the Rocky bra and Rocky legging the perfect performance pieces for a sweaty workout and the tonal print detail gives a touch of geometric edge.


Since launching in 2015, LNDR has experienced amazing success… how would you like the next 5 years to go for the brand?

We are delighted with our first year in business and really look forward to continuing to grow and everything ahead of us. We see ourselves expanding our global reach with offices around the world to better service different markets and intend to expand into a full range of women and men’s lifestyle products, in addition to clothing!


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