Following the Lionesses’ incredible victory over Germany in the Women’s Euro 2022 final, you may be feeling inspired to get involved in football! 17.6 Million people tuned in to watch the England team in action, the highest viewership of 2022! Wembley Stadium held a record crowd of 87,192 people, making it the highest attended spectacle at both men’s and women’s European Championship which shows just how much momentum women’s football has gained over the years. Demonstrating that women rightful have a well-deserved place on the pitch, we’ve loved watching the Lionesses rise to champions through the Euro’s campaign. Just seeing the hope in the faces of little girls with England flags painted on their cheeks in the crowd was as tear-jerking as it was inspirational.

We were pleasantly surprised to find an abundance of women’s football events being held all over the country, welcoming all levels and abilities. At the heart of the game is teamwork, and whether you have a bit of experience under your belt or you’re a complete beginner, having a kickabout is one of the most enjoyable ways to keep fit. Helping improve your cardiovascular health and lung function, as well as increasing your energy and stamina, the physical benefits are great. Team sports are renowned for their mental benefits too, helping reduce tension, anxiety and depression, plus the social aspect of the game encourages you to form friendships with like-minded people! From organised matches, playing recreationally or keeping fit through programmes like Soccercise and Futsal, there are tons to get involved with. We’ve rounded up a list of the best platforms to help you find the right style of football in your local area…

Meet Up
Helping you navigate by location, Meet Up has so many football event listings for women of all ages. There are 5-a-side weekday evening sessions, football-fitness fusion classes, Sunday matches and more. Sessions range from being completely free of charge to around £6.50, so super affordable. Simply type in ‘women’s football’ and your area to find the listing near you!

This Girl Can
Pointing you in the right direction, This Girl Can is the online platform designed to help women of all ages, disabilities and backgrounds get involved in sports of all kinds. The football section has various links to lead you to other websites to join a football association, take part in Soccercise, Mum’s Play, recreational play for older women and more.

England Football
Split into three sections, Just Play, Casual and Club football, the England Football site is an excellent platform to help you find football going on in your area, enabling you to input your age and disability status to find what is right for you. With options such as walking football for seniors and Futsal, which played five-a-side with a smaller ball on hard courts, this easy to use website will help you find your perfect match.

Footy Addicts
Bringing together communities of women in London to play football, Footy Addicts allows you to find local games with a few taps. Filter the date, location, and gender to find sessions, plus you can also opt if you’d prefer indoor football, shortened games, training sessions and payment type. The listings for women are located in Angel, Shoreditch and Shepard’s Bush.

London Ladies Friendly Football
This Facebook Group has been set up to provide opportunities for female players from beginner to intermediate to enjoy playing 11-a-side football. Organisers post in the discussion to recruit players for local teams, beginners right through to experienced players, so keep your eyes peeled.