I’m not really sure why I’ve never been keen on trying a home delivery food service before. Maybe it’s because I like knowing exactly what goes in my food, or perhaps I just enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking and being in the kitchen, (usually making a mess!). But when I think about it, I guess it’s a really easy way to keep on track with your healthy eating habits and if you work long hours, pre-prepared food must be a godsend!

So when I stumbled across Grace Belgravia (a private members club specially catered to women who take an interest in their health and wellbeing), I felt a surprising urge to try their new Grace Delivery Food Service. I was attracted to the fact that each of their five menus on offer had input from all the talented chefs, medical, health and fitness teams working at Grace. I also loved that there was a programme for everyone to suit all kinds of needs and I sensed a lot of care and effort when into the quality of the food and the objectives of each programme. Out of the Wellbeing, Vegan, Fitness, Cleanse and Soup and Juice menus on offer, I opted for the Fitness menu as exercise is a very important part of my lifestyle. I wanted a plan that wasn’t too heavy but still gave me enough energy to sustain me throughout the day. A full days food was delivered to my door first thing in the morning and I was excited to get stuck in!

Breakfast – Hard Boiled Eggs with Smoked Salmon, Guacamole and Gluten Free Seeded Bread

I’m a big breakfast girl and totally believe that its the most important meal of the day. So when I opened Grace’s breakfast I was a very happy girl! Loaded with healthy fats from the salmon and avocado and protein from the eggs, I honestly felt so satisfied, full and energised, and not sluggish or bloated at all. I also need to mention how delicious the bread was… it was moist, nutty and made the meal really substantial!

Mid Morning Snack – Kale Chips

After my “fit for a king” breakfast, I wasn’t that hungry, but I did fancy a little something just to tie me over till lunch. Kale chips make the perfect, nutritional snack that will satisfy those little “elevenses” moments.

Lunch – Roasted Aubergine, Beetroot And Fennel Hummus with Harissa Chicken Skewers

I was really surprised at my energy levels and how good I felt at this point. It really goes to show that a nourishing breakfast can make all the difference. I loved the combination of flavours in this meal, especially the hummus, (I will be recreating this at home!) It added a great texture to the aubergine and chicken skewers and I felt like it came straight out of a restaurant!

Mid Afternoon Snack – Blueberries

The blueberries hit the spot! I do have a sweet tooth and yes sometimes I satisfy it with the odd raw chocolate bar from time to time, but the natural sugar kick from the antioxidant-rich blueberries was well appreciated and needed! I did supplement them with a handful of pecans as I always like to eat some form of protein with fruit to help slow down the absorption of the natural sugars entering my blood stream. But hey, you’re talking to a pecan addict!

Dinner – Roast Salmon with Kale, Lentil, Feta Cheese, and a Shaved Beetroot and Flaxseed Salad

Last but not least was dinner. After a long day at work, I’m always super hungry and one of my favourite ways to get my weekly intake of omega 3’s is roast salmon – this meal didn’t disappoint at all. The fish was succulent and perfectly cooked, and the salad was delicious too. Just like lunch, it was full of well-matched flavours and was far from bland and boring!


I’ve discovered that finding the right programme is crucial for enjoying and getting the most out of the food being delivered to you. Grace’s Fitness plan was full to the brim with wholesome, filling ingredients and my preconceptions of pre-prepared food being dull and tasteless have totally changed with the help of the amazing team at Grace!

words by Molly Jennings

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