Newest to the Flykick line-up is a full-body, strength-focused, high octane workout designed to tone your body whilst letting off some steam! In the dimmed setting of their new compact studio which is kitted out with nifty Tetris-esque benches with dumbells slotted inside, your trainer will start off by guiding you through a series of strength-based exercises to sculpt out your muscles. No Flykick class could take place without their signature boxing drills, so it’s straight from the bench and onto the bag to complete a back-to-back combo incorporating all the usual suspects; hooks, jabs, crosses, uppercuts, roundhouses…expect them all! The boxing round will get your heart racing by rebooting your cardiovascular fitness straight from an intense round of weight training which tests your physical strength. Doing these types of training adjacent to each other is the ultimate fitness test which delivers impressive results on not only your body but also your mental wellbeing. Book onto a few of these sessions a week to see your body thrive to it’s potential!

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