FLEX Chelsea is introducing the ultimate zen-filled yoga session to their assortment of classes! If Yin, a slow-paced style of yoga, isn’t restorative enough already, FLEX has added CBD into the mix to help reduce anxiety and encourage a peaceful state of mind. We have covered CBD in various different ways on H&H, from how it can improve your wellbeing to what CBD treatments we love so if want to get the low-down on why it is so beneficial, you can do just that!

At the beginning of the CBD Yin Yoga class you will get the choice to spray the Grass & Co CBD oil anywhere you desire, or on any muscle group that needs particular attention. Simply spray and let it work its magic! If you are new to CBD oil and are a little bit precarious, there is really nothing to worry about…you are not going to start hallucinating! CBD is completely non-psychoactive meaning it will not change your perception or behaviour, you may just feel slightly more relaxed. CBD aids muscle recovery which works perfectly alongside Yin Yoga to allow yourself to stretch out tired muscles and recuperate any ailments.

FLEX is the newly opened luxury boutique studio in the heart of Chelsea. With light-filled studios, it is the antithesis to the dark and hectic workouts which we often find around the capital, providing the perfect environment for yoga, circuits, Paola’s BodyBarre, and ‘Peach for the Beach’ – a class designed to tone glutes and abs perfectly pre-holiday, while the neon-lit basement Spin Studio houses state-of-the-art Keiser M3i bikes, giving riders full stats throughout their session.

FLEX is designed with natural cork flooring throughout the yoga studios, VOC-free paint (low- chemical) and cork walls, ensuring that natural vibes and sustainability are at the heart. The fully stocked changing rooms boast VitaClean Showerheads which contain Vitamin C shots, essential oils and filters that neutralise chlorine and create an aromatherapy spa experience, whilst simultaneously removing rust and toxins from the water.

CBD Yin Yoga runs every Tuesday at 7.30pm- Book your session here

Photography credit: Patrick Williamson Photography