How many of us make a resolution to either lose weight or travel the path of a more healthy diet? Statistics indicate that a full 90% of us have such good intentions for the New Year. For many these good intentions last just ONE day! And often the thought of dieting or changing our eating habits makes us groan. However, making changes, with just a little effort can make a BIG difference to your health!

Here’s five simple tips to help kick start any New year health, fitness and fat loss regime…

Are you drinking enough water?
Myself and the team carry out Bodystat testing every day in the clinic, which measures a person’s body composition (fat/lean weight) as well as hydration levels and 80% of the clients I see are dehydrated!! One of the best weight loss secrets is to ditch the sodas and stick to water! I know we’ve heard it all before but it works! So instead of turning to calorie-laden, sugar-rich (even fruit juice) drinks, grab a refreshing glass of water or better still fat burning green tea! In addition to flushing toxins, drinking water encourages your body to metabolise fat.

How much alcohol are you consuming?
Alcohol consumption will slow or stop your results. The drawbacks are probably going to far outweigh any “health benefits”. Your liver can’t metabolise alcohol and fat at the same time. It will always get rid of the toxic substance (alcohol) first. That means that as long as there’s alcohol in your system you won’t be burning any body fat!! If you have one or two drinks, you might stall your fat loss for a few hours/maybe a day but if you have quite a few drinks, it might be as long as four days before you’re metabolising fat again.

Eat GOOD fats!
Contrary to popular belief, fats are essential for good health, fat burning and aid in disease prevention. Good fats (poly and mono unsaturated fats) are the ones that occur naturally in foods like avocados, nuts, and oily fish, as opposed to those that are manufactured, processed and damaged by heat. Including small amounts of these foods at meal times can decrease the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and help you to feel fuller for longer.

Restricting calories is NOT the best way to lose weight.
Both cutting back on calories and exercising more will help you lose weight and maintain the lean muscle mass needed to boost metabolism. People often believe the diet and exercise myth that they must take drastic measures to lose weight, such as eating less than 1000 calories per day, but such diets do not provide adequate fuel for the body and may lead to the breakdown of lean muscle tissue which will lead to a slower metabolism!

Lean good quality protein helps you get lean!
Protein builds muscle tissue and helps grow the cells that we need for healthy skin, hair, nails, and bones. About 15 – 20% of our body weight is comprised of protein and the immune system can’t function well without a significant amount. Other nutrients can be stored as reserves in the body, but protein can’t. So it’s important to regularly eat some with every meal. That’s why lean turkey and chicken, low fat cottage cheese, egg whites, and fish are so important on any fat loss plan. The body has to work hard to digest protein and because of this the metabolism is raised and extra kcals are burnt-just by eating protein!

So there you have it, five simple tips that you can employ today!

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