H&H are excited to introduce to you, our Fitspiration of March….Meet Russell Bateman, the brains and genius behind Skinny Bitch Collective, the IT training regime for woman! From Victoria’s Secret models to yummy mummies, he’s trained them all and we think he’s awesome. H&H finds out what it takes to be a SBC girl

When did your love of health and fitness begin?
Ive Always been an active guy. I had a major football addiction as a youngster and would play dawn to dusk. Fitness and health was always around me and my parents would feed me amazing food and push me to play sport at every opportunity.

What is Skinny Bitch Collective?
SBC is quite simply the most talked about training and wellness project for women right now. Preaching sex, sleep and squatting and fusing newwave strength and metabolic conditioning with signature SBC Primal movements. The crop of british supermodels are training alongside the next generation of female icons.These are women training the RIGHT way and supplementing their training regimes with the RIGHT nutrition

Did you always have a passion to start your own company?
As I became more experienced and developed my methodology and skill set I realised I had a message I could send to women. I knew I had the skills to change perceptions and reeducate women on how to eat move and live. SBC’s growth is very organic but I’m careful as to which level I take it to. I realise I have a big responsibility now people are looking toward me for advice and inspiration.

What can we expect from a typical SBC session?
One of, if not the most intense sessions of your life. You’ll hear some great music and some reeducation from me.

You specialise in training woman, what do you focus on when training you clients?
It depends on the goals. Priorities dictate the choices i can make in sessions. my foremost imperative is that the client takes away something from every session. It must always illicit positivity, empowerment and self improvement. The right Exercise selection and nutrition are key in to get the best results.

How important is diet when you want to achieve a toned and strong physique?
The two are completely interlinked and compliment each other entirely. If one element is out of sync with the other you can’t expect to reach your maximum body potential. If your training hard in the gym, put the same effort into eating the right foods and cutting out bad habits. Choreograph your training and nutrition so they would win a ballroom dancing competition

Do you have a favourite breakfast?
Salmon, eggs, avocado and/or a cold pressed green juice!

What’s you favourite SBC exercise?
Sex…. And then sleep. Squatting is close behind.

What should woman eat after a workout and why?
High protein and fibrous carbs to replenish glycogen and help lean muscle gains. It’s critical for mood and stress levels, too. I’d have that kind of food choice an hour to 90 minutes after. Protein and berries STRAIGHT after is a fave of ours. I send girls to Roots and Bulbs where they can order a special SBC shake. It’s awesome!

Do you have any advice for a SBC newbie?
Embrace your body. It’s amazing. Give it all you’ve got and push your boundaries in every session. Your going to move like you were designed to move. realise I will look deeper than what’s on your surface. I’ll ask you about your relationships, wether you like your job, what mindset you’re in, and then I’ll try to make you commit to eliminating any of the things that aren’t improving the quality of your life.

You have to invite 3 people do dinner, who would you invite?
3 is not enough! My girlfriend would be there to cook, she’s amazing (check out her blog Model Mangetout) And I think Russell brand would be fascinating to chat to. I’d have Paul Chek there, too.  He’s an inspirational Health warrior.

What would you cook for them?
We’d all have a sashimi starter followed by grass fed beef with quinoacado (quinoa and avocado mashed) and a coconut ice cream dessert from coyo.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra?
Education is our medication.

Do you have any weaknesses?
I love cats and Louis Theroux a bit too much.

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