When we need a little fitspo to get our butts to the gym, we turn to this gorgeous MIC star, Lucy Watson! We quiz her on workouts, favourite breakfasts and beauty tips! Enjoy!

Do you find it hard to fit exercise into your busy schedule?
Yes, I do have a trainer but it’s difficult to find a routine. I could never go to the gym at the same time every day, and often I’m so exhausted after filming or being in the office (with my jewellery range Creature) that it’s really hard to get the energy to actually work out. I make sure that I eat properly so I don’t ever have a sugar low.

What’s your favourite way to workout at the moment?
I love doing a varied routine. I often work out (weather permitting) outside. I’ve been doing workouts early in the morning in Richmond Park for the last few months, as I think the gym can get quite dull.  I’d rather work out by having fun than just running on a treadmill for an hour!

What’s your go to breakfast on workout days?
I love eggs, so I’ll often have sour dough bread with a scrambled egg and then possibly salmon or spinach for protein. I love fruit, so I may have a banana too.

Do you have a workout buddy or do you prefer to sweat it out alone?
I do have a buddy. I have been working out with Stephanie Pratt (who is also on the show). When we started she was much fitter than me so it made me push myself. If there are two of you suffering it makes it easier!

What motivates you to stay fit and healthy?
There is pressure being on television, but before I started working with Made in Chelsea I was conscious of my fitness and health. I think I am just so much more productive when I am being healthy. I have a clearer mind and I have more stamina to tackle the day. I think keeping fit gets harder as we get older so I think it’s important to maintain a level of fitness from a younger age.

What are the three foods you couldn’t live without?
I love mac and cheese. I also really like sushi and broccoli.

Describe your perfect holiday…
I love a safari. I was fortunate enough to go to South Africa with the show, and it blew my mind. I love being outside, in the sun, but throwing in a bunch of animals was just the dream!

What are your travel essentials you never leave home without?
I always have my Sony phone, and charger. I take a small make up bag with Witch Hazel make up wipes too. I often have an eye mask so I can make sure it’s pitch black if I am trying to sleep on a plane or in a car.

Do you have any beauty tips?
I think that less is more. I also think that if you have found a look, then you should stick with that. I do try and mix it up if I’m going to an event or it’s a specific photoshoot, but generally speaking, I know what works for me, and what I feel I look good in, so I like to stick to that.

What makes you feel confident?
I think it’s the small things. Having a manicure, spending time with friends that make me laugh, walking my dog Digby. I’m not a high maintenance person, and I’m really loyal. I get a lot of joy from just spending time with like minded people.

Do you have a favourite mantra or quote?
If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.

Do you have any weaknesses?
I speak my mind, and it can get me into trouble. I have discovered there is such a thing as being too honest! I think it’s important to speak your mind, but sometimes people don’t want to hear it.

You’ve had a stressful day, how do you relax in the evenings?
I’ll usually have a bath, cook some food and catch up on a series or a film that I’ve been excited to see. I like going to the cinema too.

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