Tell us a bit about WORKSHOP GYMNASIUM… How did you choose the name?

I’ve always loved Workshop coffee in Clerkenwell and thought it would be a cool name for a gym. Then, when I was deciding on a name, the definition of workshop completely resonated with our approach to working together as a team and with our clients. The definition of Workshop is “A room in which manual work is done and/or a group of people engaged in study or work on a creative project or subject”, that subject being our clients and the human body.


What can a client expect from a session with one of WORKSHOP’s performance specialists?

We strongly advocate clients do a variety of training modalities over the week. One day a client may be in the gym performing foam rolling or swinging kettle bells and even crawling around the gym. Another day may be one to one boxing, another day may be a one to one swimming session in our 25m pool. The clients program is determined by what shows up in their Framework Assessment.


How essential is good nutrition to help achieve great physical performance?

Honestly, it’s everything. If you’re filling your body with junk, it doesn’t matter how much or how hard you train, you’ll never be able to perform at your optimum. Fuelling the body with nutrient rich, whole foods that work for the individual is essential to performing at your best.


Can you recommend your top 3 exercises for a strong, lifted and toned booty?

For creating a beautiful booty, it’s important to not to just focus on one exercise, but work your butt with a variety of exercises. It’s also important to work the glutes through a variety of loads, sets, reps etc.

My top 3 exercises are below:


  1. Hip thrust with mini band above the knee’s (Workshop mini bands will soon be available to buy at www.workshopgymnasium.com)
  2. Back extensions over a bench or a stability ball
  3. Goblet squats or Bulgarian split squats


In your eyes, what does a breakfast of champions consist of?

For waking up the body, performing at your best and to stay healthy and lean, I think breakfast should consist of some protein, fat and some green vegetables. A glass of water with fresh lemon and Himalayan salt with either a whole egg omelette with grilled asparagus, avocado and shrimp is great or a breakfast smoothie made with coconut milk, spinach, pea protein and almond butter is great too. I think it’s really important to begin the day with some protein and fat as this will help wake the body and also lower sugar cravings later on in the day. It’s also essential to rotate your breakfasts so you’re not eating the same breakfast every day.


Why is refuelling after a workout so important? Is there something specific we should be consuming?

After a workout, you have a window of opportunity to re-nourish the body. Straight after a workout, your muscles and cells become really sensitive to nutrients to help kick start the recovery process from training. No matter what your goals, I think it’s really important to nourish the body with some protein, some carbohydrates and something alkalizing. This can be in the form of a good quality protein shake or a green juice made with fresh coconut water and vegetables.


What does a day in the life of Lee Mullins look like?

When I am in London, my days mostly begin at 6am. I get up to feed Teddy, my dachshund puppy and then take him for a walk. After that, I begin each day with a glass of water made with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a pinch of Himalayan salt (this is one of the best, natural ways to energize and alkaline your body) and then I make myself a cup of Bulletproof coffee (I’m a big fan). I will then spend 5-10 mins on my Triggerpoint Grid (the best foam roller) and besides helping to wake my body up, I use this time to think about what I need to get done in the day. It’s physical meditation for me. I’ll then head to Workshop where I’ll either be teaching Classwork (our new weekly small group class) or I will train clients for 2 – 3 hours. I’ll normally have breakfast at 9am or 10am then will work with 2 – 3 more clients. After lunch, I’ll spend some time either responding to e-mails or in meetings, and then it’s time to get my workout in mid afternoon. This will either be a boxing session, a yoga session or I will train together with one of the team at Workshop.  Some day’s I may have 1-2 clients in the evening, then will head home and get dinner with my fiancé Adena, then will take Teddy for his final walk of the day. I try to get to bed by 10pm. Not very rock n roll but I always perform at my best if I get to bed by 10pm.


 Can you name three foods you just couldn’t live without?

Sweet potato, good quality dark chocolate and peanut butter, also coffee (if you can count that as a food).


What are your vices in life?

Chocolate Bread pudding, I love it!


What would your dream holiday consist of?

Bali is my perfect holiday destination. It has great food, the weathers always perfect, beautiful beaches and over the last 2 years, I’ve learnt to surf and Bali has arguably some of the best surfing spots in the world.


Lastly, what motivates you to wake up each morning and strive to be a better version of you?

My fiancé Adena. She is the strongest, most honest, caring person I know and inspires me every day to learn more and be better at everything I do. If it wasn’t for Adena’s help, support and guidance, Workshop would not be where it is today!

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