Being raised by a hotelier and a designer, where did your passion for health and fitness come from?  

Growing up, you’d rarely ever see me playing inside. I spent hours every week riding and caring for horses, cycling everywhere and just enjoying being outdoors. When I turned 20, I took on competitive long distance running which I loved mostly for having another excuse to spend more time in the fresh air.  For me, fitness and wellbeing is mostly about the enjoyment of natural movement, keeping fit, alert and confident – mentally, emotionally and physically.

You took the world by storm as a successful graphic designer, so what motivated you to take a change of career path?  

In my late twenties I reached a point in my career where I didn’t feel fulfilled or happy anymore.  I was looking for a new outlet that would allow me to be more involved in making a positive change in the world.  I wanted to share my passion and desire to inspire people to live a happier life through fitness and wellbeing.  With Heartcore, I feel super lucky to be able to combine both of my passions – creating beautiful spaces and make people happier by making them look and feel their very best.

We know you ‘love the sun and sand’ – do you have a favourite holiday destination?  

I’m my happiest self when I can be close to the ocean and sunshine.  Before I moved to L.A., I spent a few months living and working in Byron Bay. This place has a very special energy about it and I felt so happy and content while living there. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a stretch to get there …  When I’m in need of a more immediate sunshine/ocean fix, I like heading over to France – beach walks, swims in the sea, great wines and food… Perfect!

What are your travel bag essentials?  

Rose balm from By Terri, Intense Hydrating Cream by Elethea, my kindle & headphones and my favourite extra large scarf to keep me warm and cosy.

As a personal trainer in Beverley Hills, did you feel the pressure to have ‘the perfect body’?  

It comes with the territory, I guess.  L.A. is very competitive – it’s all about the looks.  The fitter/hotter you look, the more credibility you get.  So yes, I guess there was an element of pressure. However, there’s clearly so much more to being a great trainer than just looking fit.

How do you make sure you perfect and protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, especially when taking your workout outside?  

I am an early riser and like to train first thing in the morning between 5:30am and 7am.   So thankfully I don’t have to worry about the impact of the sun too much.  And my day cream contains UV protection.

We love your results-driven approach. What makes Heartcore so effective?  

First of all, I’d say that we very much care about everyone who comes to train with us and that we give our very best to get everyone into the best shape possible.  All our training methods focus on working the muscles under tension for the long/lean look, working towards muscle fatigue by designing certain sequences and keeping downtime to a minimum.

When you are not training, what do you do to rest and relax?  

Cooking is high on my list these days.  I love every aspect of it.  From shopping (love my local Farmer Markets), to prepping the food and finally enjoying it.  I prefer simple & clean dishes like fresh veggies, tons of herbs, olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt – all grilled.

What are your favourite energy-boosting foods to fuel your rigorous workout routine?

Post workout, I’m usually not very hungry but for an immediate energy kick nothing beats a banana.  It’s a natural and clean food source (I prefer eating natural foods over foods with plenty of ingredients), and an incredible source of potassium and vitamin B6 plus it acts as a blood sugar stabilizer.  And on top of that, a natural mood lifter due to tryptophan!  Win Win : )

Give us some insight into your workout wardrobe – what is your favourite item of active wear?

Lucas Hugh leggings.  The fit and colors are amazing.  The style is elegant and functional at the same time which allows me to go straight into a business meeting after having taught a class.

What is the best advice you were given when growing up?  

Be happy & enjoy life.

What are your guilty pleasures in life?

Red wine.

Finally, what is your favourite designer from our online activewear store?  

Lucas Hugh.  But I also love my running shorts by Lija.  They’re cute and super comfy.

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