You were born in Sweden, what prompted you to move to London?

I’m actually half-Swedish, half-English, so I’ve been fluidly switching between the countries at different points in my life. I’ve always had an affinity for London’s energy and buzz, so when I moved here permanently around 4 years ago, it felt totally comfortable!

Would you say Sweden is in sync with the whole healthy lifestyle attitude?
Completely! In many ways, it’s leading the charge. By virtue of its coastal landscape, fish is a staple part of the diet, which means that people grow up on a diet of lean proteins and healthy fats. It’s such an outdoorsy culture as well, so exercise is entrenched. Sailing, riding, running, ice hockey, skiing… all of these are really typical Swedish sporting activities.

What inspired you to start your (amazing!) blog, Fitness On Toast?
Thank you so much! FitnessOnToast.com was my way of keeping clients in touch with my thoughts about exercises, healthy recipes and fitness looks. I felt that the hour we had together just wasn’t enough time to get everything across – the fitness part takes precedence, but often it’s hard to communicate everything you’d like, so I set up Fitness On Toast to do the rest! Also, as I mentioned, I grew up in Sweden, where blogging has been a totally legitimate career path for years, so it was already a concept that I was comfortable with.

What do you enjoy most about being a fitness blogger?
Though it may sound hugely cheesy, one of the best parts is when you get an email from somebody telling you that one of your posts made a difference to them, or inspired them to try something new and healthy. When that first happened, I suddenly got how awesome it felt to be able to share my passion with other like-minded people. It also gives you an early insight into the most cutting edge trends in my industry, and exposure to some fascinating people; I’m on a roll with meeting British ‘Olympic Gold Medalists’, which works wonders for the motivation!

Do you have any healthy eating habits that you like to stick to?
A diet rich in lean proteins, fruit & vegetables and healthy fats, with the occasional treats to keep myself in check. I try to eliminate processed, artificial foods, and stick to fresh, organic (where possible) produce. To me, that’s a clean and sustainable diet which will see the body well looked after over time.

You’re up early to go to the gym, what’s your go to breakfast?
I’m up at 05:30 most days to train clients, and rising at that ungodly hour never gets easier, regardless of what time you go to bed the night before! Food-wise, my body’s found that a healthy bowl of my ‘Uber Muesli’ is the best source of sustainable and natural energy for the workout ahead. A nice cup of caffeine-rich matcha green tea helps too for a bit of a kick! Or I might have some smoked salmon, salad and quinoa. I personally like a bit of variation and that’s something my blog majors in; healthy recipes shouldn’t mean ‘groundhog’ or ‘boring’ as there are so many nutritious, satisfying AND delicious recipes to be discovered!

Can you name your top 3 exercises for a toned booty? 
That’d be squats, jumping lunges and deadlifts – the holy trinity of booty exercises!

What does your fitness regime look like at the moment? 
Currently, I weight-train 4 times a week, do Bikram yoga at least once a week and I’ve just gotten back into Pilates again. Thanks to my efforts on the blog, I tend to do alot of 1-off sessions to trial various different systems and concepts, so that’s all adds to the experience!

You’re having a girly dinner party, what would you cook? 
My favourite way of eating is to pick and choose as you like. So for example, I’d lay out a variety of dishes such as a colourful salad (rocket, pomegranate, nuts, seeds, goats cheese etc), a plate of artichokes, some grilled fish, some baked sweet potatoes etc. That way people don’t feel they need to eat an entire plate of something they may not like, and they can have as much or as little as they fancy. Hopefully it would be more rather than less!

Do you have a quote or mantra you like to live by? 
‘The sooner you start the sooner you’ll feel and see a change’. Over the course of the last year or so I’ve begun to realise that you just have to pursue every opportunity that you’re offered, whatever that may be; if ‘it’ feels right to you, don’t let anyone or anything stop you pursuing your dreams. ‘Do whatever makes you happy’ is something I’m very much aligned to!

Where would be your perfect holiday destination? 
I LOVE travelling, so it would be a new and exciting destination which offers a combination of relaxation and adventure. Some sort of adventure-relaxation hybrid holiday then! My recent blog trip to Morocco was a great example of exactly that, with hiking, swimming, relaxing walks, biking etc. You can see all my travels on the blog, here.

What are some great ways to stay active on a beach holiday? 
Walk everywhere if you can (I think that’s the best way to get a feel for a new place anyway), find out what local people do and sign up, for example, to some horse riding, hiking, canoeing or whatever may be on offer. A beach can be a stunning backdrop for a morning or evening run, when it’s not too hot, when the sun’s locked to the horizon for a while; whilst a 5k on a treadmill can be drab and tedious, the same distance along the coastline is invigorating and quite stunning.

What are your travel essentials that you never leave home without? 
My camera, a good book, music and a sketch book (for a bit of a doodle). Sunglasses and a passport are the only other companions required!

How do you like to relax and wind down after a long day? 
I like nothing more than a long hot bath, a mug of tea and an early night’s sleep to unwind properly!

If you could workout in anything from our Online Activewear Store, what would you wear?
I love trying out new fitness fashion brands, and love to mix it up, from wacky prints to elegant lines. Striders Edge is a bit of a fave of mine – I encountered them about 6 months ago, and have really loved working out in their stuff recently, for the tailored look and sumptuous fabrics. But you’ve got a great eclectic mix on the site, which is very dangerous for a shopping spree!

Faya is currently an ambassador for Steens Manuka Honey.