Tell us about your passion for yoga practice – what inspires you to keep pushing the boundaries of what your body is capable of in terms of holistic fitness?

When I first started yoga about 2-3 years ago, I just saw it as a way to keep up with my flexibility and didn’t really have much of an interest in the spiritual side. Over the past 18 months, I’ve changed that massively, as I wanted to open my mind more to the possibility that a new way of thinking could change my life and it really has. Health used to just mean fitness and food to me, but now it’s more about the overall wellbeing of a person – mind, body and soul.


How does yoga fit into your everyday life, surely it takes a lot of time to get that bendy?!

As an ex-gymnast and dancer I was already pretty flexible, so for me it’s more about building the strength to support my bendy limbs. I try to practice four times a week, but that can be anything from a 20-minute calm flow and stretch when I get out of bed, to an hour Sun Power yoga class. It does take up time, but it’s worth getting out of bed a little earlier for.


Besides yoga, how else do you like to keep fit?

At the moment I’m training for a 10k, but I don’t particularly enjoy running – I just like the thought of challenging myself to do something out of my comfort zone. I also do a lot of resistance and weights training – normally about 3-4 times a week.


How does regular yoga benefit your other exercise pursuits?

It can help lengthen your muscles and it allows your body to stretch out fully, rather than just a few quick stretches at the end of a workout. Over time, yoga will also help improve your range of movement, therefore allowing you perform new and challenging exercises in the gym.


Where did your health journey begin and how does it work alongside your other career as a jewellery designer?

Being active and healthy has been a part of me from a young age when I was training as a gymnast. After a knee reconstruction and having to rethink my life, things went a little downhill, being a typical teenager, but I knew I’d always get back on track. My partner really motivated and inspired me to get back to the things I loved and it’s now been four very happy years of health! Jewellery is a huge part of my life, as it’s has been in our family for years. My collection is centred around gemstones with holistic and wellbeing meanings, which lends itself nicely to my love of yoga.


How do you deal with failure, and just general “off’ “days when your goals feel a million miles away?

Meditation is an amazing way to get your mind back on track. Even if it’s just 10 minutes of mindfulness, you’ll be amazed at how it can help. As well as that, I usually call my partner to get a little pep-talk and then realise that I’m just being silly and need to think positive!


What’s your one tip for being the best, healthiest, happiest version of yourself?

Try not to compare yourself to others. Especially in the world of social media when people can make their lives look happy & glorious, just remember that we don’t know what’s going on behind each Instagram photo.


What do you love most about the health and fitness industry?

The people! It’s such an amazing industry to be part of, I’m surrounded by people who inspire and support each other and I love it.


Is nutrition an important part of your approach to all-round wellness?

It’s a huge part. I have a very balanced diet and I treat myself when I fancy it. It’s important to enjoy what you eat and there are so many healthy alternatives for naughty snacks, you just need to be willing to bake them! J


What do you eat pre- and post-workout to get the most from your training?

Pre-training I don’t like to eat much, and a lot of the time I train first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Post-training I’ll either have a green smoothie, a bowl of fruit or homemade granola with berries and greek yoghurt.


Do you have a motivational mantra that you live by?

You can’t rush something you want to last forever.


When do you feel at your most confident?

After a workout, when the endorphins are flowing and I’m on a high wearing my favourite gym kit…. Which is odd as I’m usually looking horrendously sweaty and red!


What’s your must-have beauty product for active ladies?

Coconut oil – I use it as a hair mask and as a moisturiser. Oh and it also tastes great!


Give us your number one tip for starting the day off right.

I start every day with a cup of fresh lemon and warm water – not only does it cleanse your insides, freshen your skin and boost your immune system, it just gives me that feeling of being awake and refreshed.


So what’s next for Cat Meffan?

Something rather exciting, but I don’t want to give away too much just yet! Sorry! 😉


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