Looking for ideas to liven up your workouts? We have devised our shortlist of fitness Instagram accounts that you should follow to inspire your workout routine. Not only do these accounts post daily exercises, but it means you can get tips and ticks completely for free! Whether you want a quick-fix home workout or a technical video on how to improve your form and use machines correctly, these Instagram platforms may give you the boost and confidence you need to try something new. As much as Instagram can cause body image insecurity, these women use their platform to inspire others to become healthier and fitter, which we are all for!



jessica olie

Jessica Olie, @jessicaolie
Jessica’s videos are perfect to inspire a quick, at home yoga sequence! Often using all kinds of furniture in her house for support, her technique is incredibly precise and her flows are unique and creative. Following this account will no doubt inspire you to complete a morning stretch whilst sipping a herbal tea, as Jessica often does herself. Jessica’s posts will not only inspire you through her yoga but by her outfits too! As an ambassador for Alo Yoga, she is regularly pictured wearing their beautiful sets, some of which we stock online! Check out Alo Yoga on Hip & Healthy!



alexia clarke

Alexia Clark, @alexia_clark
Alexia Clark is the ultimate fitspiration! Alexia posts daily workout sequences on her Instagram demonstrating each exercise so you will feel confident with your technique at the gym. Alexia incorporates all kinds gym equipment into her exercises to mix things up! From hip circles, landmines, resistance bands, bosu balls, cables and med balls, her workout will be sure to give you effective results. Alexia’s creative approach to core and strength exercises is completely unique to anybody else on Instagram. Each video has the number of reps or time period that Alexia recommends you do each exercise for in the description box. If you are looking for different ways to spice up your workout and build core strength, be sure to give Alexia a follow!



whitney simmons

Whitney Simmons, @whitneyysimmons
Whitney certainly knows how to target the glutes! Her videos show new ways to build muscle in specific areas of the body. Whitney’s approach to weightlifting will not only give you muscle growth but will burn fat through the use of supersets and tri-sets. This concept involves completing two exercises back-to-back with no rest, it gets the heart rate up and gives you that burn! Whitney also runs a youtube channel where she posts full workout videos, which you can take to the gym. If you are new to weightlifting and want to give it a go, this could work for you as it is a guided workout that will teach you how to machines and equipment correctly as well as showing you the correct form to ensure you do not get injured! Expect jumping squats, shoulder burnouts and ab circuits that will give you muscle definition and burn fat at the same time!




Josephine Skriver & Jas Tookes, @Joja
Prefer working out with a friend? Joja will give you plenty of ideas for interesting ways to exercise in a pair. Victoria Secrets models, Josephine and Jas, share their ways to exercise together on a joined Instagram account to inspire fun yet challenging workouts. Joja merges boxing, HIIT, yoga, barre, weight training, cardio and core exercises into their routines to create a diverse range of workouts that you will never get bored of. Most of their workout routines can be done anywhere as minimal equipment is used, the girls often switch out weights and use each other as weights instead!



sexy mind movement

Natalia Bojanic, @sexy_mind_movement
Known as the director of good vibes, Natalia uses her Instagram platform to promote and encourage meditation, which we are all for! Using the Instagram live feature Natalia guides her followers through peaceful meditation that restore inner peace. As well as Instagram live stories, Natalia offers guided meditation on her website, Sexy Mind, which is accessible to anybody at no cost! Her quirky mantras such as ‘stillness is sexy’ and ‘become your own therapist’ are based on mindfulness and yogi philosophies. Natalia combines neuroscience, emotional intelligence and secular mindfulness techniques to inspire her followers to spark change in their life and feel empowered to make decisions. Be sure to follow Sexy Mind Movement and tune into her Instagram live stories to practise mindfulness from the comfort of your own home!

words by Isabelle Shury