Fitness fanatic and founder of FrancescasFitKitchen.com, Francesca, shares her fitness fuel…

Protein Powder
At FrancescasFitKitchen.com I am a firm believer of food that comes in its simplest of forms, unadulterated by man. Unfortunately, we all know that it can become somewhat difficult to eat healthy when the constraints of our everyday lives get in the way. That is why my first must have fuel food is protein powder. I use Maximuscle and Maxitone range; designed not just for some of the nation’s best athletes, but busy girls and guys that strive for a balanced diet. I rarely use protein powder with just water, but in my baking instead. Many girls shy away from protein powder but protein is an essential fuel for the day to day functioning of your body. It not only helps repair muscle, but is the main nutrient that keeps our hair, nails and skin glossy. Collage is even a protein and we all know about its anti-aging properties!

Chia Seeds
Often referred to as “Indian runners fuel”, Chia Seeds are a phenomenal superfood, especially when you consider their nutritional density compared to the fact that one chia seed is little bigger than a few grains of sand!

Here a few of the many benefits chia seeds area said to have:

2 times the protein of any other seed or grain
5 times the calcium of milk
2 times the amount of potassium of bananas
3 times more iron than spinach

I love them for a guilt free dessert – soaked in a coconut milk, with vanilla and honey. (For a recipe click here).

I am slightly obsessed with Maca powder. I use the Peruvian root powder (which I often refer to as “natures cocaine” for its energy inducing properties!), every day. I sneak two tablespoons either into my protein shake or my baking. I often use Maca in my love bites recipe for an extra boost of energy and stamina eaten just before training. It is also a natural libido lifter so what’s not to love?! I use Organic Bursts Maca for its superior quality.

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil is without a doubt my number one used product in the kitchen. Bursting full of healthy fats, I use coconut oil to cook, roast, fry, in green smoothies and my morning caffeine fix. What is more, Lucy Bee is organic, extra virgin coconut oil, that is also fair trade. I happily use it in my bathroom too – for deep conditioning treatments for my hair, skin, hands and feet! And, if the maca has got you in the mood, it’s natures best lubricant!

It is not easy to always be in the kitchen, creating some sort of gourmet masterpiece! Let’s be honest – who has the time, all the time?! Furthermore, there are so many health foods to choose from, it can be incredibly overwhelming – and expensive! Eggs are cheap, versatile and nutrient dense – full of high quality protein, minerals and every B vitamin. What’s more, eggs are brilliantly versatile. I endorse a #thinkoutsidethecerealbox approach to breakfast and these are my perfect solution!

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