Festival season is in full swing and we all look forward to a few days and nights of fun in the sun (or rain, if you’re unlucky!). But getting back to normality after a festival can be really hard work. Seasoned festival goer and nutritionist, (yes you can be both!) Dr Naomi Newman-Beinhart, shares her five tips to help recovery after a festival.

You’re feeling exhausted
Now is the time to take a good quality supplement to replenish the body with B vitamins. B vitamins are great to get your energy levels back up as they help to convert energy from food into the type of energy that your body uses (ATP or adenosine triphosphate). Another great energy booster is Co-enzyme Q10, which we need to help our cells create energy. We produce our own CoQ10, but this production peaks at around 21 and then lessens with age, so a CoQ10 supplement can be even more useful as we get older. My final go-to supplement to help boost energy levels are medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms, such as Cordyceps Mycelium, contain vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre, so it’s no wonder that they help to boost our energy.

As a nutritionist, I would suggest taking Link Nutrition’s B Complex as this fab supplement contains my three favourite remedies for exhaustion in one capsule. 

Tired, achy muscles
If your muscles are feeling sore and overused from traipsing around fields all weekend, have a nice warm bath and use topical magnesium in sore areas afterwards. I absolutely love Better You Magnesium Oil Recovery Spray. This super product is actually topical and bypasses the digestive system, sinking right into where you need it most. 

You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious
Lack of sleep and 72 straight hours of fun can leave some people feeling anxious and overwhelmed when they get back to work the following week. I love Australian Bush Flower Remedies Calm and Clear Essence, it,s just what you need to help restore a feeling of calm and zen. Fun fact: Kylie Minogue is an avid user of Calm & Clear and likes to use it after big performances!

Give your digestive system a little bit of love. 
You may have eaten a lot of burgers (#balance) had a few more drinks than usual over the festival weekend, and as much as a large black coffee might have some appeal, the last thing your body needs is another diuretic while you’re trying to recover. Try some herbal teas containing fennel and liquorice root as these will not only help to rehydrate you but are known to help digestion, including symptoms like gas and bloating. I really like Pukka’s Feel New tea which contains fennel, aniseed and liquorice and tastes absolutely delicious. This was the tea of choice backstage at Glastonbury this year. Even Victoria Beckham was spotting sipping on her Pukka Feel New tea in the VIP area!

Replenish your skin
Dust, dirt and mud… all conditions associated with festivals that can play havoc on your skin. Let’s face facts, festivals aren’t the most hygienic of environments and your skin might be feeling dry, sensitive and irritated after a weekend festival. I love REN’s Evercalm range for soothing angry skin. Their Global Protection Day Cream is perfect for post-festival skin and helps fight against environmental stressors. 

words by Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart, PhD, Medical Nutritionist

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