Want to feel great now? Here’s what to buy, DIY and try for these four dilemmas!


BuyBed of Nails… sounds counterproductive but we promise it’s not! In a nutshell, it’s an acupressure mat covered in small, plastic spikes that provides a whole host of benefits. Use by Indian mystics for centuries, a bed of nails can ease stress, tackle insomnia, and help you re-centre after a stressful week at work.

DIY – Stretch! We didn’t need another reason to mention the benefits of stretching but here we are again! When we feel stressed, our bodies tend to react by tightening and tensing. If you’ve just had the commute from hell or you’re boss has just thrown more work on your already-full plate, then roll out a yoga mat if you have one or simply lie on a blanket and pop a 20 minute stretch routine on YouTube and follow along. Combining deep inhalations with lengthening out muscles, you’re sure to feel the physical AND mental benefits.

Try – A meditation class. Newly opened Re:Mind Studio in Belgravia is a place you need to check out if stress is weighing you down. London’s first eco-wellness destination in Eccleston Yard,  Re:Mind is a drop-in meditation studio and an eco-lifestyle store that launched earlier this year. Whilst the majority of London meditation classes present a continual commitment structure, Re: Mind Studio is filling the London gap for easy access, drop-in meditation classes, offering four class types, with accessible pricing beginning at £10 and unlimited membership at £70. The studio will also provide a quiet, zen space for regular meditators to use for their own practice. Additional services will also include sound baths, workshops, lectures and community events.



Buy – S’well Bottle. Remembering to stay hydrated can sometimes be tricky but it’s so important we drink enough water throughout the day. Not only does it help our cells to remove toxins, help with bloating and keep our skin clear, it’s also vital for our energy and concentration. If you’re feeling unproductive at work, chances are you could be dehydrated. Investing in a beautiful looking water bottle will definitely help remind you to keep sipping and we can’t resist S’well Bottle’s pretty colours and prints. Shop Hipandhealthy.com

DIY – Try exercising in the morning. Nothing makes for a more unproductive day than waking up late and rushing to work. You’ve started the day mentally frazzled and that’s no good to your or your colleagues! Getting up earlier may seem like the last thing you want to do but studies have shown a boost in productivity when you workout in the morning. A) You feel darn proud of yourself that you’ve managed to work up a sweat before 9am B) you’ve boosted circulation and got your heart pumping which definitely helps get rid of brain fog. It’s a win, win situation!

Try Pukka’s Mint Matcha Green. Coffee may seem like the answer to an unproductive Wednesday afternoon but more often than not, coffee tends to over stimulate our bodies which is shortly followed by a crash in energy. Try swapping your flat white for Pukka’s Mint Matcha Tea! Matcha has been consumed in Japan for almost 900 years and to this day, Buddhist monks drink it to keep them focused and awake during long days of meditation. Matcha contains two important amino acids called Theophylline and L-theanine. The reason why they are so important is that they work together with the naturally occurring caffeine to give you sustained energy for up to 6 hours. No crazy energy spurts and no zombie crashes either!



Buy – de Mamiel “Shine” rollerball. Designed to clear stagnant and groggy energy, leaving positivity and a feeling of brightness in its wake. The base oil combines a bespoke blend of herbs, milk thistle and jojoba to support the flow of energy around the body. Together with the essential oils, this potent blend transforms tiredness, lifts your spirits and helps you enjoy the day with a smile on your face. Simply apply to your pulse points throughout the day and let it work its magic! Shop Hipandhealthy.com

DIY – Get walking. If you’re lacking in energy but know you’re getting enough sleep, then it could be because you’re not moving enough. For the next week, swap your desk lunch break for a 10-15 minute brisk walk before sitting down to eat. This might feel like the last thing you want to do but it will boost circulation, clear your mind and energise you. Pop on a podcast and get moving!

Try – Add energy-boosting Maca to your morning smoothie or bowl of porridge for the perfect get-up-and-go breakfast. Peruvian Maca is full of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron. It contains lots of trace minerals like zinc and selenium and is known for its fatigue and endurance-boosting effects.



Buy – 5 Minute Journal. Gratitude is key to increasing your happiness and the 5 Minute Journal is designed to do just that! In the morning you jot down what you are grateful for and what your intentions are for the day and in the evening, just before bed, you note some amazing things that happened during your day and what you could have done to make your day even better. It literally takes 5 minutes and constantly sparks positivity and encourages you to practice more gratitude.

DIY – Engage with your friends. Sometimes when we feel down or upset, it can be easy to shut yourself off from the world. Make an effort to surround yourself with people who make you feel good and make you smile. We’re social creatures who thrive off interaction with other like-minded beings so book in that over-due brunch date with your bestie and watch your mood soar!

Try – Doing a good deed for another. Sometimes the act of being helpful towards a friend, family member or even a complete stranger can really boost your mood and happiness. Seeing another person benefit off of your good deed (no matter how big or small) will undoubtedly make you feel good. Whether it’s treating your loved one to their favourite home-cooked meal or simply offering an ear to a friend in need, helping others is an easy way to get those happy hormones flowing.

words by Molly Jennings