F45: a new craze taking the fitness world by storm. Originating in Australia, a different day means a different class – all F45’ers globally, have access to the same functional high-intensity training plan, lasting for 45 minutes. Instantly, building a global sense of community.

We spoke to Neville Kenwright, Co-Director of the new F45 Fulham studio – “I first started out with F45 when I was in Australia visiting friends and family. I spotted this American looking flag signage attached to a group fitness studio, with epic tunes cranking out. Once entering, I was greeted with a high five and a smile from ear to ear. Before I knew it, I was booked into my first F45 HITT class.”


The Classes
F45 have created 27 different classes, each following a simple set structure: HITT cardio based, full body strength and core & cardio hybrid workout. The F45 Athletics and Peak Performance Department create each class, from a database of 3,600+ (!) exercises. Bored of doing the same routine? “F45 is results driven, technology-based fitness with no other program like it” – Nev.


Why are people going crazy for it?
Quite simply, you can turn up to any class fully underprepared – whether you’ve had a crazy week, or simply not had the time to prepare a functional training plan. Each class, you’re guaranteed to have completed a functional high-intensity athletic class. You’re pushed to your limits by some of the best trainers in the business and can burn 600-800 calories per class.

Whilst motivational trainers are there to assist, F45 continues to be different – screens are placed around the studio, showing each circuit route and exercise.

“Most gyms forget the core reasons that people join a fitness studio in the first lace – F45 has systems in place like the 8-week challenge, an effective training program like no other, encouraging members to want to come more” – Nev.


Proven Results: The 8-Week Challenge
F45’s infamous 8-week challenge has hit headlines globally. Challenge members have access to an online portal or app, providing them with countless pieces of information and a global sense of support. Within this, the F45 nutrition team provides daily meal plans/recipes; weekly videos/blogs and a 45-point plan to ensure effective results.

  • Phase 1: Spring Training – reduce fluid retention, toxins
  • Phase 2: Regular Season – define physique, build lean muscle
  • Phase 3: World Series – strip body fat, re-boost metabolism


Keen to take on the challenge? Keep your eyes peeled for the announced dates. The 8-week challenge is currently on until the 17th June.

Kingston Upon Thames is the newest F45 location but there are plenty dotted around the city and the rest of the UK! Find a studio near you here!

words by Emma Sledge