We recently sat down with the lovely Marion Assuied to discuss the launch of her very first skincare brand, Inur, her ultimate beauty routine and her thoughts on how intertwined healthy skin and wellbeing are.

As ex CEO of By Terry, beauty must be a big part of your life. So where did your passion stem from, do you think?

Beauty was in my genes before I was even born! Basically, almost all of my family is in the beauty industry. While my girlfriends were playing with fake makeup, I was “assisting” my mother in creating makeup looks for Yves Saint Laurent. When I was 13, I was helping my Aunt put cream in a jar at her manufacturer. I’ve tried to escape to my “destiny”; I studied law and business to become an M&A lawyer, and I believed in it, but I liked cosmetics too much. So the minute I got my diplomas, I started as a commercial in beauty, then marketing until I became CEO 12 years later. With INUR, I’ve tried to bring my passion for beauty to another level and mix it with another passion I have discovered lately: nutrition. So INUR is really the meeting point between beauty and nutrition.

Your new brand, INUR, is your first foray into skincare. What inspired this?

The search for achieving skin health and body and mind wellness led me to develop INUR in 2021. I founded INUR after leaving my role as CEO of premium French beauty brand BY TERRY. I started practising yoga and meditation after experiencing a huge breakdown due to stress, which was really the catalyst for the INUR brand’s creation. After years of insufficient sleep and a crazy lifestyle as a mother, a woman and CEO, I started to see a nutritionist to get more energy and serenity and balance in my life. I realised that I was spending hours on my body’s health and should start to work on the health of my skin in the same way. So, I decided to work closely with nutritionists especially Valerie Espinasse to build an in and out program for my own skin health; the concept of INUR was born. The brand is a pioneer in the global wellness system for skincare and uses only natural and clean skin-nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera and matcha (from Jeju Island – a UNESCO world heritage site to ensure the premium quality). We also use pre and probiotics, which are all rigorously tested and clinically proven to actively work with the skin’s own natural system.

What does healthy skin mean to you?

For me, healthy skin is pursuing what is best for our skin, body, and planet. With INUR, we celebrate the power of nature in its purest form, and don’t need anything else. With this in mind, everything INUR creates is free from toxins, artificial substances and parabens, as well as being cruelty-free and vegan. All our packaging and products are 100% sustainably-sourced and recyclable. We were inspired to create a range that did good for our skin and wellness without impacting our planet when creating the range. 

What INUR products are you currently using the most right now?

The INUR Renew Sleeping Mask is one of the most popular products in the range and is my favourite to use 2-3 times a week. It is perfect to use at night if you want to wake up to a more youthful-looking glow. The powerful overnight mask restores, revives and refreshes skin whilst we sleep. The Renew Sleeping Mask combines an active formula highly concentrated (47%) of Aloe Vera, Matcha, Pre and Probiotics, and AHA to give skin a radiance-boosting and bouncy glow while protecting the natural microbiome. It shows proven results: 94% said the skin was hydrated and nourished after use, and 92% feel the skin looks smoother.

You must be the Queen of skincare routines! What does yours look like and why are they so important?

I always begin the day with the Purity day and night cleanser, which gently removes impurities, pollutants and makeup whilst also revitalising and hydrating the skin. The next step for the morning is to follow up with the Breathe day cream, which helps to achieve a healthy and radiant glow all day long. The morning routine is kept minimal and essential, and it’s in the evening where the real INUR magic begins. Start off the evening routine by cleansing once again using the Purity day and night cleanser- this will remove any makeup or unwanted dirt that has built up throughout the day. This will then be followed up by the night shots, which can be tailored to what your skin needs each night. Realign, Pause and Replenish. Three times a week is how often I will use the Renew sleeping mask, which restores, revives and refreshes my skin whilst my body rests. My routine focuses on healing the skin whilst you sleep.  My skincare routine is associated with an inside-out routine. I start the day with a matcha dairy free latte and fruit. I drink a lot of water during the day (best tip is to have your bottle next to your computer). Three times a week, I use my juice extractor to have a carrot/ginger/orange juice to boost my glow. I also support my routine with a supplement of antioxidants as I realise that turning 40, you need to reinforce everything you do. I take 2 capsules of INUR REVIVE, our supplement exclusively formulated with patented sulfodyne, the only active and natural form of free sulforaphane on the market deriving from Broccoli Seed Extract, that guarantees an effective and stabilised dose of sulforaphane with optimal bioavailability to optimise the antioxidant effect.

Should we have a different routine for day and night?

Yes, definitely – I hope to show this through our unique day and night chronobeauty system.  At INUR, we believe in Chronobeauty based products. Skin doesn’t react the same way at night and day. During the day, skin needs extra protection against environmental assaults. The day cream is applied in the morning to guarantee a supporting effect and protects, nourishes and calms the skin throughout the day. The cleanser is used day and night to prepare and clean the skin before receiving the next skincare steps. The shots are applied at night to allow your skin to obtain the most benefits with a very high concentration of active ingredients.  Taking care of our face before bed is probably one of the most crucial parts of any skincare routine. While the body rests, the natural cells’ skin renewal is boosted. The highest number of cell divisions occurs between midnight and 1am, while the lowest happens between 12pm and 1pm during the day. There are optimal conditions for the skin to absorb the most considerable amount of active ingredients during the night. In the morning, benefits are visibly improved, and results are enhanced.

You worked with Valerie Espinasse, the lovely nutritionist behind the brand… tell us, what does nutrition have to do with skincare?

Valerie is INUR’s nutritionist co-creator who specialises in anti-ageing, phytotherapy and naturopathy. Valerie validates all INUR formulas and concepts. In addition, she selects and trains INUR Skin Health coaches. INUR incorporates natural nutrients into your daily routine and believes in natural super ingredients and the power of vitamins and nutrients.  I started working with Valerie to help balance my busy life which was when I came to the realisation that my skin needed the same treatment I was giving to my body. The skin is the largest Organ of the body so I should start to feed my skin the nutrients I feed my body. Valerie selected ingredients that are either good for the body and the skin. When creating INUR, I wanted to make it easy for everyone to understand what they were putting on their skin, so we created The Care Fact. This is specific for each product to provide detailed information on the formula’s nutrient content, such as active ingredients, vitamins & minerals. This can be found on the back of each individual product which helps you to understand what you are putting on your body. 

What wellness habits do you swear by for good skin?

If I feel like my body needs a little extra care, I will try to limit stress, exercise more frequently, increase how much water I drink, get enough sleep and use natural skincare. We created INUR to be pioneers in the global wellness system for mind, body and skin. Our proposition is to fuse lifestyle and wellness. That’s why our coaching and support system utilises the power of nature and science, delivered through nutrition and lifestyle routines. At INUR, wellness reaches its maximum expression. Therefore, we encourage a lifestyle approach to skincare to celebrate the positive influence of nature and how inner beauty shines brighter. To us, living well in your mind means being focused and clear. INUR nurtures a fun and healthy living lifestyle to keep your mind engaged and ready for everyday adventures. Living well in your body refers to what you put on the inside and how you benefit from it. INUR applies a holistic approach to introducing natural nutrients into your daily routine to support your overall health. Finally, living well in your skin means connecting and harmonising with it as a living and breathing part of life. INUR nourishes the skin deeply with a routine of naturally enriched skincare products and supplements that work in rhythm with the skin’s needs throughout the day and night. For us, taking care of our mind is essential, so we pursue a lifestyle approach to skin well-being and suggest healthy tips and good vibes to experience global wellness. In addition, we are always looking to advance in science with the aim to continuously create in and outside skin wellness formulas.

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