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Virtual Forest Bathing with Purearth and The Breath Guy

February 23, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Indoor Forest Bathing was created by the experts at Purearth, specialists in gut health, juices cleanses and functional drinks. Forget traipsing around in freezing cold woodland. This is all about taking the physical and mental benefits of forest bathing (stress reduction, boosted wellbeing and happiness) – and bringing them inside the home. A great tool for lockdown 3.0, some might say.

Rooted in the ethos of The Japanese practice of ‘shinrin yoku’, Indoor Forest Bathing couples natural elements such as water and plants with mindful breathing, whilst imbibing natural nutritious juices at set times throughout, all designed to soothe and nurture the gut.

It’s based on the knowledge that our physical and mental health are intertwined, with the brain and the gut being intimately connected.

Purearth has partnered with Happy Houseplants, together with Richie Bostock (‘The Breath Guy’), to teach Indoor Forest Bathing virtually, giving attendees the tools to cope with whatever stresses 2021 may throw at them.

Fancy trying it? This is how it works:

  • Participants receive an Indoor Forest Bathing package of ‘grounding’ ingredients, including a medley of gut-loving beverages that boost wellbeing.
  • Participants ‘green’ up their bathroom by bringing in house plants. Need more plants? Get 10% off with Happy Houseplants using the exclusive Forest2021 discount code.
  • About 20 minutes before running the bath, participants should drink a Turmeric Repair Boost shot with warm water to help clear the airways in preparation for the breathwork
  • Then run the water (between 90° F and 105°F for optimum soothing), and add a magnesium spirulina bath salt (nourishing and detoxing), before positioning plants around the tub to create a foliage haven, absorbing toxins and boosting oxygen
  • Apply a soothing clay mask, containing natural ingredients, using soft circular motions with the hands whilst inhaling and exhaling slowly
  • Disrobe and climb into the warm water, with a device for Zoom logged in and situated a safe distance away (no obligation to have the camera on, or to disrobe, swimsuits are fine)
  • Richie Bostock then leads a series of breathing exercises, all designed to achieve ‘gutful-ness’ – mindfulness for the gut, in turn soothing the mind and transporting you far away into a virtual forest
  • Once finished, climb out and into warm, soft clothing
  • Sit somewhere quiet and enjoy a Purearth water kefir to rehydrate and replenish, while allowing the relaxation sensation to take full effect. A perfect wind-down tool before bedtime
  • Later that evening…indulge in a green juice packed with organic goodness to maintain your ‘gutful-ness’ and help you to feel good, inside out


February 23, 2021

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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