Erpingham House, a renovated steakhouse based in Norwich, has reinvented itself and opened as the largest and most instagrammable vegan restaurant in the UK, a transition acting as an iconic sign of the time. It’s estimated vegans now constitute 7% of the population in the UK, and Erpinham House has certainly spotted this growing market.

Erpingham House is a grade 2 listed building in the heart of Norwich’s historic Tombland area. Founded by entrepreneur Loui Blake, together with fellow business partners and footballers Russel Martin and Declan Rudd, the restaurant aspires to break the stigma attached to veganism. Founder Loui adopted a vegan lifestyle whilst living in London and travelling the world. Despite Loui’s connection with the London Vegan scene, which has seen buzzy vegan food markets open in the likes of Camden and Hackney, Loui chose to open this vegan restaurant closer to home in Norwich to offer a venue that could serve the same quality of food and drink he’d experienced throughout the world.

In offering a 100% plant-based and plastic-free dining experience, the establishment has already received high praise and was listed by The Times in the 20 Best Vegetarian Restaurants. The restaurant is giving people the chance to access and learn about the power of plants and superfoods in a creative space, perhaps the reason the restaurant is attracting meat eaters despite catering specifically for a vegan diet. Head Chef Dan Jobey will lead the creation of a variety of vegan dishes, with special mention to their signature ‘Cashew Jackfruit Korma’ and ‘Avocado Pesto Linguine’. On top of serving delectable vegan food, the establishment is adopting a fully conscious lifestyle by minimalizing its environmental footprint. Single-use plastic is a no-go, and only eco-friendly, compostable packaging will be used.

Erpingham House is not your ordinary vegan hotspot. Designed as a multi-dimensional space, Loui has truly created a home away from home that can be enjoyed by people throughout the day. Enjoy a nourishing breakfast bowl and coffee or indulge with one of their delicious cocktails for more of a fine-dining experience. No detail is spared, from the fresh flower wall in the entrance hall, the blush pink chairs to the planted trees throughout the dining area. Despite its eloquence, the establishment champions inclusivity, so you’ll also find a children’s menu and Sunday Lunch menu in addition to their normal plant-based offerings.

Erpingham House is open as a café Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm, and then as a restaurant Sunday- Wednesday 12pm-12am, and Thursday-Saturday from 12pm-2am. They will also be featured on Deliveroo if you’d prefer to tuck in from the comfort of your own home. Reserve a table here: Erpinghamhouse.com