If you only do one thing this week… Get some energy!

Post Christmas blues? We totally feel you! January can be such a drag…but only if you allow it to be. It’s time to pick up the pace and get our energy flowing! How you might ask? We’ve got some super tips to get you into fifth gear. 2014…we’re coming at you full speed!

Power Breakfast
Getting your breakfast right is vital for boosting your energy and sustaining your blood sugar levels. The reason we have breakfast is quite literally to “break the fast”. Our bodies have usually gone at least eight hours without food, so breakfast is used as our fuel for the day ahead. My personal favourite has to be a bowl of porridge made with almond milk and sprinkled with lots of seeds, berries and a dash of cinnamon. Perhaps you fancy something more savoury? I love avocados on rye toast with a drizzle of lime and chopped spring onions. But the key here, is figuring out what works best for you, so take this opportunity to experiment with different foods.

It may seem like a backwards way of thinking but getting your body moving when you’re feeling a bit tired and sluggish is the one of the best ways to increase energy. When we exercise, we experience an increase of blood flow, which helps deliver more oxygen throughout our bodies, leaving us feeling more alert and awake. And lets not forget those endorphins or “happy hormones” as some people like to call them! Research has shown that exercising releases these hormones giving us a feel-good sensation. So get down to your local gym or park and get those muscles moving!

Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea is just brilliant. Not only does it come up top marks in the antioxidant department, it’s also a great alternative to coffee. Matcha tea does contain caffeine but it contains one ingredient that separates it from coffee. Tannin is a compound found in matcha tea that slows down the absorption of caffeine into the blood stream. This results in a gradual release of caffeine over the course of six to eight hours, unlike coffee where the hit is almost instant. So if you’re looking for an energy surge without the jitters and crashes from coffee then definitely give matcha tea a go. H&H loves – Teapigs Matcha Tea

Another super easy way to keep your energy levels up is by snacking more. Letting yourself go hungry between meals can cause your blood sugar levels to fall dramatically, making you feel tired, lethargic and even nauseas, so making sure you’re eating every three to four hours will help keep them regulated. Snacking will also help keep your metabolism fired up and it’ll prevent hunger pangs from turning into serious cravings! Hummus and oatcakes or a handful of nuts and berries are some perfect choices for nutritious, energy-boosting snacks. H&H Editor, Sadie, loves snacking on avocados with a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt! Whatever you choose, ditch the sugar and make sure it includes a form of protein.

Electronic Vacation
In this century, we are consumed by things like social media and emails and it’s all at the tip of our fingers thanks to the invention of the mobile phone. That means wherever we go in the world, as long as there’s Wi-Fi we have access to them! This constant access we have can be very draining, can zap our energy. Other modern day culprits include the television and computers/laptops. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been known to be watching the TV whilst working my laptop with my phone sitting next to me! That is one electronic overload! So what I’m suggesting is to take some time off from anything electrical. Use this break to get outside – fresh air is a great natural energy booster and it’s a brilliant way to connect with friends and family. You’ll be surprised at the amount of time you have on your hands to do other things. Get stuck in to your “to do list” or take the time to cook a new recipe from scratch. Your mind will feel clearer and lighter and you’ll feel elated at how productive you’ve been! Get to it.

words by Molly Jennings

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