For many of us this is the last working day – hooray! Tonight party’s and celebrations will be taking place all over the UK  and I am sure many of us won’t spend much time without a drink in our hand. The other thing about this time of year is that we are all often exhausted, which makes our immune systems weak and what makes them even weaker? Booze, partying, lack of sleep and stress! It’s a recipe for illness. Which is why we’re asking you to pace yourself tonight and this weekend. Don’t go crazy and fall at the first hurdle by making yourself sick before the real fun starts. Here are a few tips we suggest will help you avoid Christmas flu:

Say No
Why do we all feel we have to do everything all the time? As if the world would stop if we just said no to drinks after work, or no to cooking a ridiculously complicated supper for the in laws or no to very early start when you know you’ll be going to bed late the night before. Say no to a few things that are going to stretch you and you’ll soon see how much calmer and content you’ll be.

Don’t be the last one at the party
We’re not saying don’t go out (that would not only be unrealistic but also incredibly dull) but we do suggest setting yourself a curfew. Decide what time you want to be in bed by and work back from there. If you decide you’d need to leave by ten pm to be in bed by eleven, then stick to it. Momentarily you may feel like your going to miss out but actually you’ll feel so smug when you wake up less bleary eyed than the others and have a much better day because of it.

Drink a glass of water for every glass if alcohol
It makes total sense – just do it. And it’s free for goodness sake. Did you know that 250ml of alcohol makes you pee out 800ml of liquid because its a diuretic? Now can you see why you wake up with a dry mouth and throbbing headache the morning after a party? Yes?. Good. Drink more water. End of.

Take your vitamins
As just mentioned – this is the time of year for catching something nasty. Try and take your vitamins regularly to keep your immune system in tip top shape. Especially as all healthy eating plans seem to go straight out the window as soon as party season arrives. Take a good multivitamin as well as some vitamin c, plus milk thistle on boozy days will help your liver out.