Three Ways to Boost Energy

Broadcaster and adventurer, Hannah White, brings you her three tips for boosting energy

The most important thing for health, diet and wellbeing is to be clean and healthy from the inside out. Everything you put into your body has a direct impact on how you feel. Caffeine, alcohol, saturated fats, sugars, are all causes of being overweight, being tired, being ill.

Hannah White gives us three tips on boosting our energy levels, and improving our wellbeing…

1.      Try a liquid only diet one day a week: I don’t mean soft drinks and coffee, but great freshly made juices, smoothies and soups. This will give your digestive system a little bit of a break to catch up on processing all the bad stuff in your body. The more good liquid in your diet, the less work the body has to do breaking it down, and ultimately the more nutrients can be absorbed. If you can manage one liquid meal a day then this is great. It will make a difference.

2.      Replace your builder tea or Coffee: Drink as much water as you can. And secondly make yourself either a hot or cold drink with water, lemon and cayenne pepper (with a natal sweetener like good quality honey or agave). You wouldn’t try and drive a car without putting fuel in it, and water is a far more important fuel than food. The spicy lemon drink is not only delicious, but it will wake up your digestive system and get you ready for the day ahead and stimulate to help digest whatever you happen to put in it!

3.      Buy powered super greens: Buy chlorella, wheatgrass, barley grass or spirulina (better still and mix it all up!) get a teaspoon or 2 of this in a small glass of water and drink it. It doesn’t taste great, but it ensures you are getting loads and loads of fab vitamins and nutrients, regardless of what you do for the rest of the day (think of a turbo-charged berocca!).

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