The New Year cobwebs have well and truly been shaken off and the darkest month of the year is firmly in the rearview mirror. Hoorah! With February being such a short month, it does feel like spring is just around the corner and I’m certainly in full-on garden prep mode so I can have a pretty vista to look out to from my kitchen when warmer days are finally upon us. Every month, I’m sharing what to Buy, DIY & Try In Wellness and this month, I’m turning my attention to sowing seeds, spring cleaning and whipping up a green goddess salad that not only went viral on Tik Tok but viral at home too! 

Spruce Floor Cleaner

I love my doggie Rosie HOWEVER… During the winter months, it’s a constant battle to keep our floors clean from all the muck she brings in from the garden and her walks. I’m currently in an uphill battle against dirt and feel I’ve got the broom and mop out on a daily basis! One new discovery from eco-cleaning brand, Spruce, is their Floor Cleaner. Their non-toxic formula can be used on all surfaces (including our wooden kitchen floor… I know, I should have opted for tiles but I’m a style over practically kinda gal!) and their packaging is plastic-free and home-compostable. 

Cawston Press Juices 

Since I don’t drink alcohol, I’m often on the lookout for delicious soft drinks that aren’t loaded with sugar and could work well for lunch gatherings with family and friends. I love Cawston Press and their new juices are right up my street. Nothing from concentrated and no added sugar and generally minimal ingredients which I love. I’m already thinking about garden lunches and picnics this summer!

TikTok’s Viral Green Goddess Chopped Salad

If you haven’t made Tik Tok’s viral Green Goddess Salad then are you even into wellness??! Jokes aside, this is such a yummy chopped salad recipe, I wanted to share the original recipe by Melissa Ben-Ishay (AKA Baked By Melissa) that got the internet in a spin! It’s the greenest, most more-ish salad you’ll ever eat and you’ll just revel in the fact that something so healthy can be so delicious! 

Sowing Sweet Pea Seeds

I grew sweet peas last year and it was such a joyful experience watching the seedlings grow into the most beautifully fragrant blooms. There have been countless studies proving the mental health benefits of gardening, so much so GPs are now “nature prescribing” to their patients as part of their treatment plan. Pretty cool right? With sweet peas, the more flowers you pick the more the plant will produce and I harvested such a decent amount last year I constantly had a vase full over the summer! I’m sowing my seeds that I bought from Sarah Raven and wanted to encourage you to do the same because the end result is bloomin’ lovely, 

1 Night “Birch Beauty Sleep”

We’ve reviewed Birch here so have a little read if you’re not familiar with the wellness concept but if you want a little well-being-focused getaway this Spring then check out their Birch Beauty Sleep experience to help you feel revitalised and recharged. Tone down any tension and melt into your inner zen with the special Beauty Sleep bundle… offering a one-night stay, two invigorating massages and a space in one of their daily yoga sessions, you’ll be loosey-goosey in no time.

The Female Curve

One thing I feel like I’m slowly mastering is learning to eat and move in accordance with my hormones and cycle. It’s definitely something I’m being mindful of because, throughout the month, us women constantly change and deal with different peaks of hormones, energy levels and nutritional needs. A brand that also understands the importance of tuning into your body is The Female Curve – a new 8-12 week online fitness and nutrition programme designed for women. The Curve delivers completely bespoke fitness and nutrition guidance tailored to each woman’s menstrual cycle and lifestyle, by carefully analysing their personal data, including mood, sleep, energy and stress levels, nutrition, menstrual cycle symptoms and workouts. So whether their goal is based around aesthetics, building strength, helping with PCOS, PMS, Osteoporosis, or fertility (all of which the coaches can help with), it will be completely specific to their needs.

words by Molly Jennings