We had such a fun day shooting with you at Thyme in celebration for your new book, Eat Smart! What would you say are the best things about eating a wholesome, plant-based lifestyle?

I have really grown to love my fresh fruit and vegetables and have discovered so many new and exciting ingredients. I’ve managed to create easy and accessible recipes that I can easily incorporate into a busy schedule – I really love eating this way because the food is delicious and fulfilling yet healthy.


What are 3 positive side effects that people are likely to experience when they choose to Eat Smart?

After a couple of weeks of eating plant-based I couldn’t believe how different I felt. I had so much more energy, my skin looked clearer and brighter, my hair and nails were growing rapidly and I felt happier and more positive. Of course that’s just my experience – it’ll be different for everyone.


What advice would you give to people who want to Eat Smart but feel daunted by such a big lifestyle change? 

It’s best not to change the way you eat overnight and cut out lots of different foods straight away. Instead, you could start introducing plant-based food to your diet gradually, making a few meals throughout the week that are plant-based – if you’re anything like me you’ll be excited by all the new foods you’re eating and want to adopt plant-based more and more. I have to say though, the way you eat is subjective and you should listen to your body and find a healthy balance that works for you. Eating completely plant-based won’t work for everyone and that’s absolutely fine.


What are your store cupboard essentials that you are never without?

Brown rice, oats, cacao powder, and cinnamon – not necessarily put altogether though!


It’s National Fitness Day! What role does staying active play in your lifestyle?

Fitness plays a huge role in my life. I workout about 5 times a week and keep it really varied so that I never get bored and stay motivated. At the moment I tend to do one short and one long run a week, plus a group HIIT workout at the gym, yoga and a boxing class. I love it because it makes me feel amazing and ready for anything.


What are your favourite workout studios in London?

There are lots of great ones but at the moment I like Bodyism, Kobox and Core Collective. All of them are so different to each other but that’s why I like going to them – mix it up a bit to keep it exciting!


When people contemplate changing their diets to plant-based, eating out seems to be one of their biggest worries. What are your favourite restaurants to dine out in London? 

We are definitely spoilt for choice with all the amazing plant-based restaurants in London. Some of my favourites at the moment are Pharmacy, Wild Food Cafe and Mildreds.


Finally, what would you like to achieve with your Eat Smart empire?!

I have really enjoyed the process of creating my own cookbook so I would love to release another one in the near future and expand this into a bigger business – watch this space!

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