For many of us Easter will bring back memories of pretty foil-wrapped goodies and Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, which whilst delightful are also unfortunately drowning in sugar. However just because you may have changed your health priorities, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy an Easter basket filled with delicious treats. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite, healthier Easter treats so you can enjoy the celebrations without feeling deprived.


Well + Happy Chocolate
Raw Snickers, Bounty Bars, Salted Caramel Millionaires Shortbread – need we say any more? A mere scroll through Well+Happy’s beautiful instagram and you will realise that these incredible treats are an absolute essential in your life. Handmade, raw, organic, vegan, refined sugar, dairy and gluten free chocolate bars; we’d expect nothing less of a company founded by a kinesiologist, yoga teacher, chef and health coach. We’re craving the White Caramac Crunch and Mocha Bars.


Booja Booja Truffles
Delicious, rich and indulgent, you would never guess that these chocolate truffles are made with 100% pure ingredients – and when Nigella Lawson is a fan, you know these are going to taste good. We’d go for either the Raspberry or Dark Ecuadorian varieties, as these contain no added sugar and are sweetened only with natural agave nectar.


Punch Foods Super Seeds
Packed in beautiful little tubes, the tasty Coconut Brownie flavour seeds are perfect for curing your chocolate cravings in wholesome-style; either munch straight from the tube or sprinkle onto your favourite dishes. The taste is deliciously indulgent thanks to a blend of raw cacao, coconut oil and coconut sugar, yet they’re nutritionally dense too, packed with fibre, a source of plant protein and low in sugar.


Om Bars
We have a confession to make… here in the Hip & Healthy office we are complete Om Bar obsessives – but guaranteed, once you try one you’ll soon be converted. These dreamy little bars are raw, organic, dairy free and refined sugar free; plus each bar offers its own unique health benefit, such as gut-friendly probiotics or superfood compounds. However most importantly, they taste heavenly; offer the Coco Mylk variety to any average Cadbury Dairy Milk fan and we think they will honestly be equally happy to enjoy the Om Bar – no easy feat when dealing with health-food sceptics! There’s a flavour to suit everyone too, from super dark 90% to sweet melt-in-your-mouth soft centred bars.


Lovechock Rocks
Lovechock’s little ‘rocks’ are great for sharing and nibbles. Choose from three flavours of chocolate-coated goodness: mulberries and hemp seeds, cinnamon almonds, or our personal favourite, hazelnut and vanilla for that Nutella-like taste. All the Lovechock range is organic, raw, vegan, and sweetened only with coconut blossom sugar.


Pure Sin Treats
We were lucky enough to stumble across Pure Sin’s incredible raw treats whilst popping-up at an event at Christie’s earlier this year, and oh my, are we glad we discovered them! A must try for all peanut butter fans, these Peanut Butter Cups are simply to die for – as implied by their name, they really do taste utterly sinful. Despite this, the ingredients list is totally innocent, natural and whole: simply nuts, pure maple syrup, raw cacao and raw cacao butter. And if the Peanut Butter Cups are anything to go by, then the Cheesecake Cups made with creamy cashews will be equally delightful. We know what’s going to be on our wishlist this Easter…


Daylesford Organic Raw Chocolate Caramel Egg

We couldn’t not included a classic egg-shaped Easter treat in our round up! We’re huge fans of Daylesford Organic so we were very excited to discover they had created this totally guilt-free caramel egg! Consisting of a rich, sticky mix of dates, cacao, coconut butter and sea salt, we think this the entire family will love it!


Alternatively, Make Your Own Easter Treats!

Of course you don’t have to rush out to buy Easter treats, grab some friends and get creative in the kitchen cooking up tasty, homemade Easter treats. Scroll through the Hip & Healthy recipe archives and try out some of our naughty-but-nice sweet treat recipes. We’ll be sure to be making some Healthy Easter Eggs to share with family and friends, as well as our favourite Chocolate Truffles. Cooking for a crowd this Easter? Download the Hip & Healthy ebook for some mouth-watering recipe inspiration.


Above all, don’t beat yourself up if you do end up over-indulging. Easter is a special occasion and it is okay to eat chocolate; one weekend of less than healthy eating is certainly not the end of the world! A healthy lifestyle is a long-term journey, and having a few days where you stray from your usual diet is really nothing in the great scheme of things. Instead, use the long weekend to relax, de-stress and celebrate spending quality time with loved ones; you’ll head back to work feeling refreshed, restored and ready to tackle any obstacles that come your way.