I recently ran a Sugar Reset with a group of incredible people where we talked about how sugar impacts us on a day-to-day basis and what happens when we remove it from our routine. Do you find yourself reaching for coffee at 11am and biscuits at 3pm? Finding it challenging to stay awake during the final zoom call of the day and zoning out at the dinner table when the kids are telling you about their day?

Balancing blood sugar is the first step when looking to support any health concerns, especially those about boosting energy, motivation and concentration throughout the day. In the present day, many of our diets are high in refined carbohydrates, hidden sugars and poor-quality fats whilst being insufficient in whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and fibres – bring on the blood sugar rollercoaster. 

The recipes in this week focus on good quality protein, fats and minerals that keep our blood sugar in check and keep us feeling satisfied for longer. There are also some additional ingredients such as Ceylon Cinnamon and foods rich in the mineral Chromium which have been shown to enhance our bodies’ reaction to glucose. These tips and tricks are things I often share with my skin clients as well as those with hormonal conditions such as PCOS and PMS. 

Top tip – Whilst ‘reducing your sugar intake’ the first few days will be a little challenging, which is why we have increased and optimised other bits and bobs earlier on to make the transition easier! Focus on good quality rest and sleep which will have a profound impact on your hunger signalling too!