If you’ve read Hip & Healthy for a while, you’ll know we’ve been huge fans of Detox Kitchen from the very beginning. We don’t know about you but we’re desperately missing our juice fix from their delis… thankfully though, their fridge-fills and meal plans have been keeping us going in the meantime! Founded by the lovely Lily Simpson, we recently caught up with her amidst the UK’s third lockdown to talk joy in lockdown, sneaking in greens and the power of optimism.

My non-negotiable health habit
There isn’t really just one, I can’t really function unless I’m eating well, sleeping well and doing a bit of exercise. I try to listen to my body so that non-negotiable might change every day. I guess the most important thing we can all do is drink lots of water, I try to get in a litre before I leave the house!

A recent wellness discovery
Body brushing, I try to do it twice a week and it has made a big difference to my skin which is normally dry and flaky. 

My de-stress tool
Running, reading and yoga. If I am feeling particularly anxious there is nothing that clears my head better than a 5km run. In the evenings I like to do 20 minutes of yoga, I find that just slowing my breathing down helps to calm me down after a busy day. And then every night I read, it’s the only real way for me to switch off and helps me to get to sleep quickly.

One thing that makes you feel positive at the moment
My children, they are such a joy and I’m so glad to have had more time with them in lockdown. Of course, it hasn’t been without its struggles and some days are really difficult, but three hours of stress and mess can be turned around with a giggle! As an always optimistic person I’m also excited about life after Covid, I think there has been a big shift in consumer values towards health and sustainability and I hope that that continues to grow. 

The meal I cook when I’m short on time
A green veg stir fry, I try to load the wok with as many green vegetables as I can, often squeezing in 10 varieties, I can cook it in 10 minutes and have something super tasty, healthy and filling. 

My favourite recipes for sneaking in greens
Soups!! I love to have a soup and salad for lunch and dinner. I’ll chuck in any veg that I have in the fridge, a big handful of spinach or kale, lots of courgettes and some red lentils and simmer for 10 minutes or so, pop it all in a blender and you have a super nourishing soup in an instant. I also make a spinach, basil and cashew pesto, which is a million times better than anything shop bought. You blitz them up with oil and salt and that’s it, so simple and adds so much flavour to any dish. 

When lockdown is over and normal life resumes I’m going to…
Go on holiday with my family, go on holiday with my girlfriends, go on holiday by myself. I miss travelling more than I could have imagined.

Lily Simpson, Founder of Detox Kitchen, detoxkitchen.co.uk