Let me start this review by letting you know that the first thing I did once I completed this Detox Kitchen Cleanse Programme was order a Detox Kitchen Kitchen Fridge Fill! This is how much I loved the cleanse and how much I love the Detox Kitchen’s delicious and nutritious food. I have tried all manner of cleanses; juice cleanses; soup cleanses; cleanses that had so many supplements with them that I practically rattled; and cleanses where there was very little to eat at all; I’ve tried the 5:2 and 24 hour fasting (not advisable if you actually have things to do in that day). Suffice to say that as a wellness writer, in the name of journalism, I have tried them all. And I really really loved this one from Detox Kitchen where they have joined forces with Nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson and fitness brand Lululemon to create the ultimate 2-week Complete Cleanse programme. All meals are high in fibre and free from wheat, dairy, refined sugar and harmful chemicals. It really is the ultimate way to press the reset button, and re-introduce those all-important healthy habits. And it is super easy and incredibly delicious.

Complete with freshly prepared cleansing meals and juices, talks on nutrition and the benefits of fasting, fitness classes and a community support group. The programme follows a 2-week course, launching on 7th June and finishing on the 17th.

What the Complete Cleanse Includes

● 8 days of delicious, healthy food deliveries: 4 days of a bespoke juice, soup & salad cleanse

followed by 4 days of a Vegan or Protein meal plan.

● A £60 voucher from Lululemon

● A 4-week supplement programme from Symprove

● 4 daily IGTV talks with Rosemary Ferguson throughout the first week

● 4 daily workouts hosted by Lululemon ambassadors throughout the second week

● Access to a closed Whatsapp support group

● Invitation to a guided group 5k run

£10 of each programme purchased will be donated to Women for Women International

We also offer a more accessible option for our nationwide customers, offering them:

● 2 x Fridge Fill deliveries with a suggested menu

● 4 daily IGTV talks with Rosemary throughout the first week

● 4 daily workouts hosted by Lululemon ambassadors throughout the second week

Detox Kitchen Founder, Lily Simpson, says “With the prospect of a vibrant and social summer ahead, we created this programme as an enjoyable, collective and accessible way to reset the body and mind in time for summer. Even better, we’re thrilled that every programme sold will go on to help women in conflict-affected countries build a better future for themselves and their families.”

Rosemary Ferguson states “The two week cleanse has been created to support and strengthen a healthy microbiome and encourage good bacteria. The first four days are designed to nourish and reset the body, it consists of soothing broths, fresh pressed juice and salads, by giving your microbes a rest it will help your microbiome thrive.” The second four days will incorporate daily workouts led by two of Lululemon’s fantastic ambassadors, who will show how dynamic movement helps to re-energise our body and mind and achieve that total body transformation.

Visit Detox Kitchen to book your next cleanse.

words by Sadie Reid