Detoxing has had a lot of mixed media in the past. The good: detoxes will help you lose weight, clear your skin, increase energy levels, raise your self-esteem and genuinely make you feel like a much healthier version of yourself. The bad: they can be restrictive, boring, in some cases too extreme and not very good for you, not to mention anti-social and expensive. As for the ugly: anyone who has had a colonic irrigation or has eaten nothing but green juice for three days knows that it ‘aint pretty what comes out the other end. But when it comes to detoxes, there are dozens of ways to do it and it’s all about finding the one that is right for you. Below we have outlined four of our favourites…

Detox By: Raw Fairies
Which One: 5-Day mini Cleanse
Tested By: Sadie Macleod
Price: £295
Give us an outline: The cleanse is made up of raw food, supplements, and juices and is delivered straight to your door (or desk) each morning. Day one felt easy, as there was enough juices and meals to be eaten throughout the day without feeling ravenous. Having said that, I realised how heavily I relied upon snacking at my desk to get me through the afternoon at work. But I was really pleasantly supplied with the juices, which were tasty and fresh, and made a good substitute for the popcorn I am usually scoffing. But it is much easier said than done. The cleanse builds you up for a full day of juices in the middle of the week, which was harder than I thought it would be. Even for one day I missed the sensation of chewing. The following day you are introduced to raw meals again, and I also snacked on a few nuts (which Raw Fairies allow). On the last day of the cleanse I was really starting to see improvements in my skin, and my eyes even looked brighter and I just felt much more alert than I had done the rest of the week.
Best thing about it: It opens your eyes to raw food meals that you would have never normally thought of.
What is it good for: Great for a post-indulgent holiday detox.
Result: I lost 1.1Kg. My skin felt brighter and clearer.
Contact: www.rawfairies.com

Detox By: Nosh
Which One: 7-Day ABC Cleanse
Tested By: Sadie Macleod
Price: £290
Give us an outline: ABC is an acronym for Alkalise, Balance, Cleanse, which is what the entire aim of the programme is. The seven day programme is split into two parts. The first part consists of (delicious) juices and smoothies up until 4pm followed by a balanced meal in the evening. The breakfast smoothie is a generous size followed by a mid-morning, vitamin boosting juice and a soup at lunchtime. Easy. The tough bit sets in in the afternoon when you start wanting to chew something and I gave in to having the supper (rice and veg or chicken) very early in the evening. The second part of the cleanse involves a raw food diet with a balanced meal in the evening. I never felt hungry during the second part of the diet, which makes it easier to stick to it. Everything is dairy and gluten free and delivered to your door the night before. Alongside the diet, Nosh suggest you have a bath each night with special bath salts (which are also supplied) to help aid your body rid itself of toxins. Make sure you also supplement the diet with plenty of water and herbal tea.
Best thing about it: I really loved the juices. This is perfect for someone who needs structure but doesn’t want a full on juice fast.
What is it good for: Great for those woh want the benefits of a juice fast but wouldn’t enjoy one. This is a great happy-medium.
Result: I lost 1kg, felt very energetic.
Contact: www.noshdetox.com

Detox By: My Food
Which One: New Body (7 day plan)
Tested By: Harriet Chubb
Price: £132.45 (inclusive of delivery)
Give us an outline: Inspired by cuisine from all over the world, what is wonderful about this detox is the variation of delicious food that have been so carefully prepared and packaged. The New Body plan is just one of 3 plans to choose from at 1,300 calories a day, including an edible (no juices!) breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rise & shine muesli was a great way to start the day and some of my favourite meals included the Thai green curry, the Algerian humus and roasted tomato salad and the vegetable lasagne. It’s important to freeze and refrigerate the meals according to the instructions on arrival and the frozen meals last for 30days, great if you have a dinner party you just can’t get out of! The food contains a very low GI, which allows your body to use all of it for energy, instead of storing it as fat. Combined with no dairy, wheat or artificial additives.
Best thing about it: It is perfect for people wanting to diet and cleanse without experiencing the gruelling hunger and boredom that often comes with other detox plans.
What is it good for: Kick-starting a whole new regime, as this is a sustainable diet it is easy to continue for longer than 7 days.
Result: I lost 4lbs and noticed a much flatter stomach due to the lack of carbohydrates. I also felt a definite energy boost after 4 days!
Contact: www.myfood.co.uk