What ignited your love of running?

For me, I just loved watching the Olympics and being able to get involved on the track at such a young age and I think I’ve just got that passion and motivation to be the best. I enjoy working towards my goals and I ultimately want to, one day, be an Olympic champion.

What do you enjoy most about running?

It makes me feel good mentally as well as physically. I love pushing myself and seeing the results physically and when I do achieve a milestone it makes me feel proud and excited on the inside. I love it!

What is your favourite part of training?

My favourite part of training is the warm up because it brings the team together and we love to do loads of team building activities to get our spirits in the right mood. I also like preparing my body and getting in the zone.

What does your average day look like on a plate; so how early do you wake up, when do you start training, what’s your kind of day?

Well, training normally starts between ten and eleven, so I get up about an hour and a half beforehand, making sure that I’ve stretched and also had a nutritious breakfast. Training takes up about three to four hours of my day and then I’ve most likely got physio treatment after to make sure my body is still running smoothly enough for the next day of training. I’ve then got a lot of rehab activities to do which includes using NormaTech boots to help with recovery in my legs… I also do lots of stretching and foam rolling before tucking in to dinner. Then its lights out for some well deserved sleep!

What do you eat to keep fuelled?

I like to take homemade protein shakes, with ingredients like bananas or spinach. I can easily make them at home and take with me on the go.

What would your top tip be for those embarking on running as a form of exercise?

I would say to really enjoy it and if you can get someone to go with you and to have a laugh, even better! Exercising doesn’t have to be a boring and depressing thing, it can be something that you enjoy and love and you can feel proud that you are looking after yourself.

What’s your proudest moment?

My proudest moment would be, lighting the Olympic cauldron in the 2012 Olympics, that was an unexpected, emotional and happy moment for me. Just knowing that I was picked based on my past sporting achievement made me and my family so proud.

And, what’s your must have kit?

My must have kit must only be my adidas Energy Boost as they keep me feeling good and fit during training sessions. Every single time I feel like I’m sinking down in terms of energy, they manage to revive me and keep me going through tough sessions. They are definitely a must have during training.

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