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A day in the life of Editor, Sadie: The Sure Test – A Smoothie Shoot


So it’s the day of the Smoothie Shoot, the day I have chosen to test out Sure’s brand new deodorant, Maximum Protection. My scent of choice? Their new Everyday Fresh. I am told that this is the deodorant for the modern woman. Someone who doesn’t really stop from the moment she wakes up until long into the evening. So, here’s a breakdown of my day illustrating just how well the new deodorant held out. 24 hrs later and I still feel like I only just had my shower!

6am I wake up, quickly apply the deodorant and pop on my running gear. By 6.15 I am out that door and running a cool 8k before the working day ahead. So far so good – no sweat is pretty remarkable especially as it is already quite warm and muggy.

7am I get home shower, reapply the deodorant and get dressed.

8am I then spend the rest of the morning unpacking the Ocado delivery that has arrived for our shoot which is down in the country – loading everything into the car. It feels like a gym workout in itself!

8.15am We realise that the coconut milk we ordered has not been delivered! I hop on my bike and pedal as fast as I can to the nearest Waitrose. Still not breaking a sweat – this is impressive!

9.45am After an hour’s journey we arrive at the shoot location in the middle of the countryside. It’s all hands on deck as we start unloading the ingredients for the shoot.

10.30am The kitchen is frantic: Two assistants are wizzing up the carefully created recipes, I am helping style the shoot and checking that all of our props have arrived and the photographer is outside setting up trying to find the best area for light. We only have one day to shoot 14 smoothie creations and a few lifestyle shots so we need to make sure we all work hard, work together and remain calm. Plus its about 26 degrees!

1pm We break for lunch, where we all sip on smoothies and chat about how the second half of the day is going to pan out. I realise that although today has been super busy, fun, but manic, I am still yet to actually break a sweat! This is very unlike me!

3pm Half way through the second half of the shoot and everything is really well, but then disaster strikes… you guessed a smoothie spillage! Luckily, we had some extra ingredients (first rule of every food shoot – over-buy on ingredients). So, after a quick clean up we are back on track.

6pm That’s a wrap! We have our shots thanks to the hardworking team and wonderful photographer. On our way back to London, I notice that despite the traffic sending my blood pressure sky high, my t-shirt is still dry as a bone. I am slowly being won over by this new deodorant. How lovely not to have to worry about things like sweat patches when you have a busy day ahead of you.

8pm Arrived home. But the working day doesn’t end there. I instantly fire up the laptop and start checking emails. I can feel my stress levels increasing again as I watch the emails fly in from the day. I make a cup of tea and get to it.

9pm It’s time to eat and relax. My husband comes in from work and gives me a hug – I feel confident hugging him that I still look and feel as fresh as when he left me this morning – no mean feat for the day’s activities.

For more information on Sure Maximum Protection visit http://www.suredeodorant.co.uk/en/women/products/maximum-protection-clean-fresh-scent