Raw Very Berry Tarts

 recipe by Madeleine Shaw

I LOVE tarts (no pun intended). However I often find a get quite a sore stomach from the amount of sugar and cream shoved into these little delights. I feel we should never go without so I have created my own dairy- and sugar-free alternatives.

Instead of cream I have used cashews. These wonderful nuts work really well as a substitute for cream as they blend easily and have that wonderful pure colour. These beauties are mineral rich and full of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and selenium.

I have added blueberry’s on top however feel free to get experimental add whatever berry or fruit you desire on top. Blueberries are little pieces of magic, they highly abundant in antioxidants. Make sure you get your berries from and organic source as berries can often be highly sprayed by chemicals to protect the fruit from pests.


  • 100g of almonds
  • 50g of dates
  • 50g of coconut oil
  • 50g of desiccated coconut
  • A pinch of fresh ginger
  • 200g of cashews (soaked for 4 hours in water)
  • 100ml of coconut milk
  • 1 lemon
  • 100g of blueberries



  1. To make the tart shells: In a blender blend the almonds, dates, coconut oil, desiccated coconut and ginger.
  2. Once this has mixed together check them mixture with your fingers and make sure it sticks together when pressed with fingers.
  3. Scoop out a spoonful of the mixture and place it into tart shells or cupcake holders. Either place into paper lined cupcake holders or grease your cupcake mold with coconut oil.
  4. Push the base mixture down so that I covers the bottom and sides making sure it is even.
  5. For the crème: Drain the water from the cashews and place them with the coconut milk, juice of the lemon as well and the rind, blend at a high speed until the cashews are fully creamed.
  6. Dollop the cream inside each shell, then place the blueberries on top of the cream.
  7. Place the tarts in the freezer for half an hour then in the refrigerator until tasting time.