As veganism and adopting a more plant-based diet has become the norm for so many of us, plant-based meat alternatives have undoubtedly been on the rise. Of course, delicious, wholesome veggie dishes will never go out of style, but there are some awesome alternatives on the market that uncannily resemble the look and taste of meat which are not only fun to experiment with. Plus, tricking your friends and family with veggie twists on some classic family favourites is so satisfying when they admit they actually enjoy equally (if not more) than the meat-equivalent. It’s also true that many of the meat alternatives pack quite a punch in terms of protein!

From burgers, sausages, tempeh, tofu, seitan, chick’n, jackfruit and more, the options are endless! The plant-based meat indsutry has boomed at a staggering rate and our supermarket aisles are lined with lots of different brands. If you’re yet to experiment with plant-based meat, you’re probably a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. Almost like a blind date, you’re not sure whether it’s going to be a success or a complete disaster which is why we’ve tried and tested them for you. Here are some of our favourite brands…

Biona Jackfruit Young Tender Pieces
Jackfruit has an unusual texture that resembles pulled pork! Flavour up with spices and you can make some really creative meals such as pulled jackfruit tacos or burgers. Great to have in the cupboard, this Biona jackfruit is a really easy way to experiment with plant-based dishes.

The Meatless Farm Co. Sausages 
We’ve tried a number of plant-based sausages and The Meatless Farm Co. defiantly tops them all. Made using pea protein, these soy-free sausages are succulent unlike many on the market which tend to be very dry. Pop in the frying pan for the perfect crispy texture on the outside. 

THIS – Isn’t Bacon Plant-Based Rashers 
We never thought we would see the day where you could get your hands on plant-based bacon but…here we are. ‘THIS’ have nailed the texture and taste which closely matches the real deal to a T, plus it’s a source of B12 and iron. Make your own plant-based bacon butties or chop into pasta for a carbonara to recreate your favourite bacon-based meals. 

The Unbelievable ALT Tender Chickenless Pieces
Great for making fajitas, curries or pies, ALT’s chickenless pieces are super easy to add into dishes for an extra protein hit. With a very close taste and texture to chicken, the alternative is made using soya, potato and broad bean proteins.

Beyond Burger
The meat-free mother of all burgers, the Beyond Burger patties are scarily close to the real thing. Equally loved by meat-lovers and plant-based-eaters, Beyond Burgers are juicy and rich in taste. Perfect for the BBQ or to pan fry these are truly delicious and will help you hit your daily protein intake. 

Without Meat Plant-Based Mince Lidl
After trialling a variety of plant-based mince, Lidl’s own brand really steps up to the plate! Made using pea and soya protein, the mince is succulent and doesn’t dry out during cooking. The mince makes the perfect base for bolognese, lasagne or chilli and the taste is so great you would have no idea you’re not eating meat.

Tiba Tempeh
Packed with a delicious nutty flavour, Tempeh is a fermented, soy-based protein. Tiba Tempeh uses organic ingredients in their tempeh, the main ingredient being soya beans. Traditionally used in Indonesian cuisine, tempeh is a superfood which works wonders in curries, stir-fries or as skewers!

Temple of Setain
We are yet to discover a good supermarket find for Seitan which but if you are London-based we highly recommend checking out Temple of Seitan. Pre-warning, this isn’t the healthiest of meals you will ever eat, it’s basically plant-based fast-food but if this sounds like something you’d like to try, Temple of Seitan is the place to go. With mouth-watering burgers made using seitan, this is an indulgent treat you won’t forget!

Taifun Smoked Tofu
We’ve tried and tasted our fair share of tofu over the years and can honestly say Taifun’s rendition is by far the most delicious. Perfect for topping in salads, adding to stir-fry’s and quite literally anything you like, this smoked tofu is packed with flavour.