When it comes to having a holistic approach to looking after your wellbeing, there are a lot of different avenues to explore. Exercise and nutrition are often thought to be the key components but as the health industry grows and curiosity deepens, other key areas like mental health, sleep and more holistic practices also play a significant role in one’s overall health. You might also look at things like supplementation to help fill certain gaps in your wellbeing that might need a little extra hand. And while you may have your trusty multivitamin and an extra dose of Vitamin C on hand to keep your immunity in check, could you be overlooking another important mineral that could provide the missing link in your overall wellbeing? Blueiron thinks so. 

If you’re struggling with fatigue, often feel lethargic and in desperate need of an energy boost, then you might be deficient in iron. It’s something that can be easily overlooked. It’s easy to blame heavy workloads and poor sleep habits for tiredness and fatigue, but according to the NHS, one of the most common reasons for feeling constantly run down is iron-deficiency 

For women, in particular, iron can play a pivotal role in overall wellness. Women need significantly more iron than men do due to blood loss during menstruation. Other factors can also increase your iron requirements such as being a vegetarian, being pregnant, having heavy periods or exercising regularly.

Registered dietician, Rachel Clarkson, explains “Iron is an essential mineral that is required for transporting oxygen around the body, building a strong immune system, and several other functions. Low iron status is determined by measuring certain blood markers such as ferritin, hepcidin or transferrin. Low iron stores can lead to anemia, which is associated with fatigue, pale skin, weakness, shortness of breath and dizziness.”


The solution
Scandinavia’s secret weapon, Blueiron is our supplement of choice for beating fatigue and boosting inner wellness. Packed with wild Nordic blueberries, it’s sweet, berrylicious taste makes you feel like you’re not taking a supplement at all! With just two teaspoons a day, you’ll be fighting tiredness like a warrior and boosting your immune system at the same time. It’s also glucose-free and suitable for vegans which makes it even more accessible. 

Iron is also something mums-to-be need to take into consideration as deficiencies can be really common during pregnancy. Your blood volume increases by 30% when you are pregnant and by the third trimester, your iron requirements nearly double from 18mg per day to 30mg per day! That’s quite a lot to get from diet alone so the recently launched Blueiron Pregnancy is the perfect choice for boosting energy during pregnancy and helping new mums feel their best through those sleep-deprived months that follow after birth. 

This is what our graphics designer, Isabelle, had to say after 6 weeks of taking Blueiron…

“After undergoing a full-body MOT I found out my iron levels were woefully depleted, which came as no surprise as I was constantly feeling exhausted and crawling into bed at around 8pm most evenings! I had tried an Iron supplement in the past that had left me with a sicky-nauseous feeling which, of course, put me off taking it again, so when the inevitable results came in I knew I needed to find an alternative solution and fast! Blueiron was the perfect solution that has slotted perfectly into my routine without the icky aftertaste (hooray) and most importantly I feel so much more energised. With less yawning throughout the day, I feel my concentration has really improved and amazingly after having a follow-up blood test, my iron levels are in the optimum range as I expected as I could really feel the difference in my body. Maybe a little TMI, but I had read stories about constipation being a side effect of iron supplements and was super happy that this didn’t happen with Blueiron. The sweet blueberry taste is really quite delicious, which means I never forget to take a spoonful!”

Gentle on the stomach, every spoonful is packed to the brim with antioxidants and vitamins that optimize health, boost immunity and get you glowing from the inside out. This is your daily dose of wellness, the Scandinavian way!

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